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This ligament contains uterine blood vessels and nerves
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Adenomyosis is _____Benign invasion of the endometrial tissue into the myometriumWhat is the earliest sign of endometrial carcinoma?Thick endometrium in postmenopausal womanWhat is the most likely cause of endometrial hyperplasia?Estrogen only stimulationendometriosis is _____Benign invasion of the endometrial tissue outside of the uterusWhich of the following is malignant? -Myoma -Leiomyscarcoma -Endometrioma -LeiomyomaLeiomyscarcomaWhat is the AKA for a "Chocolate cyst"EndometriomaOvarian torsion is the complete or partial rotation of the ovary on it's axis True or falseTrueWhich of the following will have an elevated AFP? -Teratoma -Cystadenoma -Fibroid -Ovarian cystTeratomaWhat is the most likely diagnosis for the "tip of the iceberg" sign?TeratomaThe ovaries have a _____ blood supplydualDetermine patient's Gravida: Not currently pregnant, 1 missed AB, healthy set of twins and 1 ectopicG3What is the typical size of the mature follicle right before ovulation?2 cmLH is created by the __________Pituitary GlandWhat are the fingerlike projections in the fallopian tubes called?FimbreaThe endometrium appears as _________ in the menstrual phaseThin echogenic lineThe endometrium appears as _________ in the proliferative phaseThree line signThe endometrium appears as _________ in the secretory phaseThickened with posterior enhancementWhich ovarian phase is the corpus luteum seen?LutealWhat is the most common congenital abnormality of the female reproductive tract?Imperforate hymenWhat is the artifact that the endometrium produces?Through transmissionWhat health condidition is associated with arcuate artery calcifications?DiabetiesWhich of the following is the appearance of PCOS? -Multiple large cysts throughout the ovary -Small cysts in the cervix -Large ovaries with multiple septations -Small cysts only on the border of the ovaries-Small cysts only on the border of the ovariesStage of ovarian cancer that is limited to the ovarian mass.Stage 1Stage of ovarian cancer that has spread to the abdomenStage 3The _____ phase occurs around day 14 of the ovarian cycleOvulationThe angle of the uterus is positioned in relation to what structureCervixThe fingerlike projections of the fallopian tube are called _____FimbreaPremenarche is _____Before the first menses-Small cysts only on the border of the ovaries