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blood 3

menorrhagia is
heavy periods
pale erythrocytes are called
in iron defficiency anaemia erythrocytes are hypochromic and
microcytic small
luecocytes are composed of two main types
granulocytes and non-granular leucocytes
granulocytes are also know as
polymorphonuclear luecocytes
non-granulocytes are also known as
mononuclear leucocytes
granulocytes are manufatured in
the bone marrow
granulocytes are mainly
phagocyts are capable of
changing their shape to ingest bacteria and forein proteins
when granulocytes change their shape it is known as
amoeboid action
three seperate types of granulocyte phagocyts are
basophils eosinophils neutrophils
a majority of granulocyte phagocytes are
when do numbers of neutrophils greatly increase
in response to infection
non granular leucocytes consist of which cells
lymphocytes and monocytes
non granular luecocytes are developed where
in the bone marrow and lymph tissue
when activated lymphocytes produce
lymphocytes can be found where
in the lymph tissue around the body
monocytes are mainly concerned with
monocytes are capable of what actions
phagocytic and amoeboid action
thrombocytes have no
thrombocytes are what type of cell
fragmented cells
thrombocytes are concerned with
thrombocytes are manufactured in
the bone marrow