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Most falls occur in: a) Patient and resident rooms and bathrooms; b) dining rooms; c) lounges; d) hallways.


Most falls occur: a) in the morning; b) at lunch time; c) in the afternoon; d) during the evening.


A person's care plan includes fall prevention measures. Which should you question? a) assist with elimination needs; b) keep phone, lamp, and TV controls within reach; c) Check the persoevery 2 hours; d) complete a safety check of the room after visitors leave.


You observe the following in the person's room. Which is NOT safe? a) The lamp cord is by the chair; b) the chair has armrests; c) The night-light works; d) The bed is in the lowest horizontal position.


You note the following after a person got dreassed. Which is safe? a) The person is wearing non-skid shoes; b) pant cuffs are dragging on the floor; c) The belt is not fastened; d) the shirt is too big.


A co-worker is helping Mr. Polk today. His chair alarm goes off. What should you do? a) Find your co-owrker; b) tell the nurse; c) assist Mr. Polk; d) wait for someeone to respond to the alarm.


To help prevent falls, you need to report: a) equipment and supplies being on one side of the hallway; b) a mattress on the floor beside the bed; c) a co-ker pulling a wheelchair through a doorway; d) clutter on the stairways.


Bed rails are used: a) when you think they are needed; b) when is the bed raised; c) according to the care plan; d) to support persons who are weak or unsteady.


You are going to transfer a person from the bed to a chair. Bed wheels must be locked. T/F


A transfer/gait belt is applied: a) to the skin; b) over clothing; c) over the breasts; d) under the robe.


To safely use a transfer/gait belt, you must: a) follow the manufacturer's instructions; b) raise the bed rails; c) lock the bed wheels; d) set the bed alarm.


You apply a transfer/gait belt. What should you do with the excess strap? a) cut it off; b) wrap it around the person's waist; c) tuck it under the belt; d) let it dangle.


A person starts to fal. Your first action is to: a) try to prevent the fall; b) call for help; c) bring the person close to your body as fast as possible; d) lower teh person to the floor.


You found a person lying on the floor. hat should you do? a) call for the nurse; b) Help the person back to bed; c) apply a transer belt; d) lock the bed wheels.


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