Apologetics unit 1

What did Socrates write?
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What is Protagoras view of "the gods"?He is an agnosticWhat is the method that Socrates uses to discover truth?Socratic Method (Debating ideas)Socrates was persistent in his quest for what?accurate definitionsWhat was at the heart of Socrates philosophy?To save the phenomenaHow was Plato an idealist?Believed ideas were importantHow was Plato a realist?Believed ideas were real entitiesTwo different worlds Plato conceived ofPrimary World (Ideas) Material WorldWhat physical item did Plato use to demonstrate real vs ideal?CaveWhat is the message of "The Cave"?Your reality is just your reality You don't know what you don't knowFor Plato, where does knowledge come from?reasonFor Plato, the mind is composed what 3 parts?Reason Spirit AppetiteWhy is apologetics considered "Pre-Evangelism"?it clears the path to the crossWhat is a student of apologetics expected to do?Justify + defend itChristianity comes under attack by 3 different groupsSeekers Atheists Other Religions3 reasons to learn apologeticsto defend the faith to protect and develop the faith Because the Bible says to2 reasons millions leave ChristianityUnanswered questions Never owned faithAffective apologist excels in these 3 areasIntellectual activity Passion for Christ BraveryPresuppositional ApologeticsChristianity should be proven on the grounds of some basic fundamental assumptionsWeakness of Presuppositional Apologeticsno room for logical argumentsExperiential ApologeticsChristianity proven on the basis of a person's testimony. personal experienceWeakness of Experiential Apologeticscannot force an experience on someoneevidential apologeticsChristianity proven by archaeological evidence and reasonweakness of evidential apologeticsevidence can be interpreted differentlyclassical apologeticsChristianity supported with proofs for God before using archeological evidence, both guided by reason