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A fond or tender feeling.
Hugging is one way to show affection.


v.1.To make an earnest request; to ask.
Three students appealed for more time to finish the work.
2.To be of interest to; to be attractive to.
This very funny movie will appeal to children of all ages.
n.1.An earnest request for help.
The letter contained an appeal for money to provide shelters for the homeless.
2. The power to attract or be of interest.
Neither the liver and onions nor the meatloaf had much appeal.


v.To grasp or hold tightly.
The dancers clasped hands and circled the maypole.
n.1.A strong grasp or hold.
The nurse gently removed the doll from the toddler's clasp.
2.Something, as a hook or fastener, that holds two parts together.
The necklace has a clasp in the shape of a snake biting its tail.


adj.Easily or plainly seen.
His great height made him conspicuous in any crowd.


v.1.To give along with others who are giving.
To have a part in bringing about.
2.To have a part in bringing about.
Exercise contributes greatly to good health.


v.To make known; to state openly.
"I will not seek reelection," she declared.


adj.Skilled at speaking or writing; having the power to move people.
Anne Frank's eloquent diary often moves readers to tears.


v.To show in public.
Local artists exhibited their paintings at the library.
n.An item or collection of items in a public show.
The most interesting exhibit in the museum was the dinosaur skeleton.


n.A boat that carries people and goods back and forth across a stretch of water.
The ferry will go out of service when the new bridge opens.
v.To move people or goods by boat across a stretch of water.
The boat owner who ferried us across the lake would not accept any payment.


n.A person who comes into a country to live there.
Many Polish immigrants settled in Chicago.


adj.1.Very tall or high.
Lofty elm trees provided welcome shade on many American streets.
2.Noble in feeling or high in ideals.
Ending world hunger in our lifetime is a lofty goal.
3.Showing a too-proud or superior attitude.
The lofty way the diner spoke to the waiter made me feel uncomfortable.


n.A base or support on which something stands.
After communism collapsed in Russia, hardly a statue of Stalin was left standing on its pedestal.


v.To treat cruelly or harshly because of political, religious, or other differences.The Kurds of northern Iraq were persecuted by the Iraqi rulers for wanting their own state.


n.The state of being poor.
The food stamp program was started to help feed American families living in poverty.


v.1.To remove a covering from.
The president of the American Red Cross unveiled the portrait of its founder, Clara Barton.
2.To make known or reveal for the first time.The police chief will unveil a plan to reduce street crime at today's meeting.

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