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what OOW is bioluminescent
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what oow is fed by a squidvibrio fischeriwhat oow grows to high cell density and emits light (luminescent)vibrio fischeriwhat oow is expelled and population growsvibrio fischeriwhat oow allows for counter-illuminationvibrio fischeriwhat oow causes walking pneumoniamycoplasma pneumoniaewhat oow is among the smallest of bacteriamycoplasma pneumoniae has to be super small to get into your lungswhat oow has the smallest genome of bacteriamycoplasma pneumoniae smallest bacterium = smallest genomewhat oow has 500 genesmycoplasma pneumoniaewhat oow has no peptidoglycanmycoplasma pneumoniae (p)neumonia and (p)eptiglycanwhat oow is schmoo shapedmycoplasma pneumoniae old people get pneumonia and old people are schmooswhat oow is the most studied organism everescherichia coliwhat oow helps the human gut microbeescherichia coliwhat oow contaminated spinachescherichia coliwhat oow is a recent emergent pathogenescherichia coliwhat oow has a harmless strain and a dangerous pathogen with identical 16s rRna but with only 75% similar chromosomesescherichia coliwhat oow is found in the gut of surgeon fishepulopiscium fishelsoniwhat oow is 1 million times bigger than ecoli and visible to the naked eyeepulopiscium fishelsoniwhat oow was thought to be a eukaryotic cell with organellesepulopiscium fishelsoniwhat oow cannot be cultured in the lab and whyepulopiscium fishelsoni (very unusual cell division)what oow has very unusual cell division and whyepulopiscium fishelsoni (new daughter cells grow inside mother cell and mother is killed when daughters are released)what oow has megnetosomes (storage granules composed of magnetite)magnetospirillium magnetotactumwhat oow was once thought to be true organelles but disprovenmagnetospirillium magnetotactumwhat oow may possibly be used to orient motility in a magnetic fieldmagnetospirillium magnetotactumwhat oow is the #1 most infectious bacterial pathogenmycobacterium tuberculosis literally killed so many people in ancient times and still todaywhat oow causes 3 million deaths/yearmycobacterium tuberculosiswhat oow caused the ancient disease consumptionmycobacterium tuberculosiswhat oow can assume a non-growing "persister" statemycobacterium tuberculosis ancient disease needs to be able to persist to survivewhat oow infects the lungsmycobacterium tuberculosis and pnemoniawhat oow has a very unusual capsule (two extracellular polysaccharide layers with a unique waxy mycolic acid lipid bilayer between themmycobacterium tuberculosis old people are waxy and are burried in a capsule/coffinwhat oow is resistant to like everything (many antibiotics, acid/bases, osmotic damage, oxygen radicals, and immune system)mycobacterium tuberculosiswhat oow grows very slowly due to the defense mechanisms reducing diffusionmycobacterium tuberculosis has a ton of defense mechanisms which is why it has survived since ancient timewhat oow has mamK filaments/ cytoskelaton that organizes magnetosomes inside the cellsmagnetospirillium magnetotactum