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truculent (adj)

eager or quick to argue

garrulous (adj)

excessively talkative

guileless (adj)

innocent and without deception.

dogma (noun)

principle(s) set down by authority

suffuse (verb)

gradually spread through or over

irrevocable (adj)

not able to be changed

amanuensis (noun)

literary/artistic assistant -- copes manuscripts

impugn (verb)

dispute the truth

wizened (adj)


cupola (noun)

small dome

filial (adj)

of or like a son or daughter

onyx (noun)

A semiprecious variety of agate with different colors in layers.

snigger (noun)

smothered or half-suppressed laugh

voile (noun)

semitransparent thin fabric

acolyte (noun)

a person assisting in a celebratory religious service or procession

antipathy (noun)

deep feeling of dislike

arrant (adj)

complete, utter

ascetic (adj)

characterized by or suggesting the practice of severe self discipline

assiduous (adj)

showing great care of perseverance

avaricious (adj)

having or showing extreme greed for wealth of material gain

capricious (adj)

given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behavior

debauchery (noun)

excessive indulgence in sensual pleasure

egregious (adj)

outstandingly bad; shocking, extreme

euphemism (noun)

an indirect word or expression substituted for one too harsh and blunt

equivocal (adj)

open to more than one interpretation

incorporeal (adj)

not composed of matter

indefatigable (adj)

persisting tirelessly

ignominious (adj)`

deserving or causing public disgrace

insularity (adj)

lacking contact with other people

loquacity (adj)


platitude (noun)

remark or statement with moral content

phantasmagoric (noun)

sequence of real or imaginary images (like those in a dream)

querulous (adj)

complaining a whining manner

urbane (adj)

suave, refined manner

wheedling (verb)

employ endearments to persuade someone

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