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Insulin is produced by B-Cells of the pancreas. What effect does it have on blood glucose levels?
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What do you call the vertical indentation on the medial aspect of each kidney?HilumTerm used to describe when the pyramids are not well seen.Loss of cordicomedullary differentiation.The most probable Dx for a calcification seen in the renal cortex.NephrocalcinosisOf the four types of ARPKD, which is associated with nephromegaly and oligohydramnios?PerinatalIndividuals with a horseshoe kidney variant will have a higher incidence of this malignancy.NephroblastomaA patient with Kaposi Sarcoma (AIDS related cancer) will present with kidneys that appear...Enlarged and hypoechoicWhich renal pathology can be attributed to the E-Coli bacteria?Emphysematous PyelonephritisThis cystic disease is due to the dilation of the distal collecting (papillary) ducts. Dilation causes urine stasis and stone formation.Medullary Sponge KidneyThe most common finding you can expect to see in an individual with HIV/AIDSSplenomegalyWhat is the primary function of RED PULP?The mechanical filtration of RBC'sA pathological condition in which circulation to the red pulp is disrupted by malformed RBCs. The condition is marked by spelonmegaly with a sudden drop in hematocrit levels.Sickle Cell CrisisA drop in this lab value will indicate hemorrhage somewhere in the body, or pathological process involving the spleen.HematocritWhat is the normal measurement of a spleen in long axis?12cm (considered upper limits of normal) 13cm = SplenomegalyA pathologic process caused by a parasitic invasion. It is more common in regions with large sheep populations. Lesions appear cystic with calcifications, or solid with fine internal echoes and poor distal enhancement.Echinococcus CystA structure with smooth borders, anechoic echotexture, with increased through transmission.Simple CystAn area of increased brightness (a shadow of light) posterior to an anechoic structure is called...Acoustic EnhancementA term used to describe a any structure that demonstrates uniform texture or composition.HomogeneousA solid malignant structure is more likely to demonstrate this artifact.Acoustic ImpedanceThis term usually refers to a diffuse disease or metastatic disease. Borders are not well defined, caliper placement can be challenging.InfiltratingA small-faced transducer that allows intercostal visualization. Near field visibility is reduced.Sector ArrayThis structure separates the thoracic and abdominal cavitiesDiaphragmRefers to the physical changes that occur within the body essential to digestion, growth and repair of tissues, and the conversion of food energy.MetabolismFluid in the pelvic cavity may travel into the abdominal cavity through this potential space.Pericolic GuttersWhich organ does not belong in the retroperitoneal space. A) Kidney C) Spleen B) Pancreas D) Adrenal GlandSpleenOn a transverse view of the portal triad, would the CBD be medial or lateral to the Hepatic Artery?LateralThe primary function of this structure is to anchor the liver to the anterior abdominal wall and the inferior aspect of the diaphragm.Falciform LigamentWhat gauge needle would be appropriate for a liver biopsy? 16g 25g 20g 27g16gThe most common reason for an ultrasound-guided biopsyConfirmation of suspected malignancyTrue or False The use of a needle guide is appropriate for liver biopsy.FalseThis procedure drains pleural effusion.ThoracentesisWould uncontrolable bleeding be considered a limitation or contraindication for a biopsy procedure?ContraindicationThis image was generated using what type of US technology...Bubble Contrast AgentOn a supine patient, what is considered to be the lowest part of the body?Pelvic CavityThe primary function of the lesser sacActs as a sling for the stomach, suspending it from the liver.May develop from iatrogenic trauma or spontaneous rupture of the biliary tree.BilomaList the four criteria for an abdominal hernia1) An abdominal wall defect 2) Presence of bowel loops or fat in a lesion 3) Exaggeration of lesion with Valsalva 4) Reducibility with gentle pressureThe retroperitoneal origin of a mass will be confirmed by its ________ renal displacement .AnteriorRegarding the mesentery, SOLID masses are less common and are usually found where?At the root of the mesentery.