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  1. Greenhouse effect
  2. Climate
  3. Cloudy nights
  4. Higher altitudes have _____ temperatures and _____ air pressure than lower altitudes.
  5. Radiation
  1. a Higher temperatures than clear nights because clouds absorb outgoing radiation and reflect it back toward Earth.
  2. b Decreased and higher.
  3. c Transfer of heat with OR without the use of a medium.
  4. d Based on observations of weather that have been collected over many years. Helps describe a place or region.
  5. e Heating of the atmosphere by radiation absorbed by gases.

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  1. The boundary between the troposphere and stratosphere.
  2. A molecule of three oxygen atoms.
  3. Constantly changing; refers to state of atmosphere at any given time or pace.
  4. Light bounces off an object.
  5. Latitude, heating of land and water, altitude, geographic position, cloud cover, and ocean currents.

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  1. IsothermsLines that connect points of the same temperature.


  2. ScatteringThe process that produces weak rays that travel in all directions.


  3. OxygenA molecule of three oxygen atoms.


  4. The atmosphere is divided vertically into four layers based on...Temperature.


  5. StratosphereLowest layer of the atmosphere; where coulds and rain occur.