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  1. Higher altitudes have _____ temperatures and _____ air pressure than lower altitudes.
  2. Ozone
  3. Tropopause
  4. Three ways that energy (heat) can be transferred are...
  5. The atmosphere is divided vertically into four layers based on...
  1. a Decreased and higher.
  2. b Temperature.
  3. c A molecule of three oxygen atoms.
  4. d Conduction, convection, radiation.
  5. e The boundary between the troposphere and stratosphere.

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  1. Lowest layer of the atmosphere; where coulds and rain occur.
  2. Light bounces off an object.
  3. Mass movement or circulation within a substance; Heat rises/Cool sinks.
  4. Based on observations of weather that have been collected over many years. Helps describe a place or region.
  5. Higher temperatures than clear nights because clouds absorb outgoing radiation and reflect it back toward Earth.

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  1. IsothermsConstantly changing; refers to state of atmosphere at any given time or pace.


  2. Heat flows from matter with ____ temps. to matter with ____ temps.Conduction, convection, radiation.


  3. Six temperature controls are...Layer of the atmosphere where ozone is located.


  4. ConductionMass movement or circulation within a substance; Heat rises/Cool sinks.


  5. ScatteringThe process that produces weak rays that travel in all directions.