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  1. Higher altitudes have _____ temperatures and _____ air pressure than lower altitudes.
  2. Heat flows from matter with ____ temps. to matter with ____ temps.
  3. Reflection
  4. Ozone
  5. Conduction
  1. a Decreased and higher.
  2. b High and low.
  3. c Light bounces off an object.
  4. d A molecule of three oxygen atoms.
  5. e (involves making contact = touch) Transfer of heat through molecular activity.

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  1. Temperature.
  2. Transfer of heat with OR without the use of a medium.
  3. Second most common.
  4. Conduction, convection, radiation.
  5. Lowest layer of the atmosphere; where coulds and rain occur.

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  1. ClimateBased on observations of weather that have been collected over many years. Helps describe a place or region.


  2. ConvectionMass movement or circulation within a substance; Heat rises/Cool sinks.


  3. TropopauseLowest layer of the atmosphere; where coulds and rain occur.


  4. StratosphereLayer of the atmosphere where ozone is located.


  5. ScatteringConstantly changing; refers to state of atmosphere at any given time or pace.