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IS 215 Quiz 1

Which of the below represents the three different levels of a company pyramid from the top to the bottom
All of the above
Which of the below would you include as decisions and responsibilities typically found at the operational level of a company?
All of the above
Which of the below key terms represents the types of decisions made at the operational, managerial, and strategic levels of a company?
The level where managers develop overall business strategies and monitor the performance of the organization and the competitive business environment is the ___________ level.
Critical success factors and key performance indicators
CSF's and KPI's are two core metrics used to evaluate results and measure the progress of a project for a business. Which of the below represents the acronyms for CSF and KPI?
What are measurements that evaluate results to determine whether a project is meeting its goals?
Critical success factors can have several key performance indicators
Which of the below statements is accurate?
CSF's are business strategy elements where KPI's measure the progress of the CSF's
CSF's and KPI's are the two core metrics used within a business to track progress or success. What is the relationship between CSFs and KPIs?
Effectiveness MIS metrics, efficiency MIS metrics
What could a manager use to measure the success of an MIS project?
Efficiency MIS metrics
What type of metrics measure throughput, transaction speed, and system availability?
Effectiveness MIS metrics
What types of metrics measure customer satisfaction?
Which of the following is a type of effectiveness MIS metric?
Usability, customer satisfaction, conversion rates, financial
Which of the following are the four common types of effectiveness MIS metrics?
All of the above
When analyzing the interrelationships between efficiency and effectiveness, where would a company ideally want to operate?
What is the process of continuously measuring system results, comparing those results to optimal system performance, and identifying steps and procedures to improve system performance?
Which of the following represents the top-down (executives to analysts) organizational levels of information technology systems?
All of the above
A. Calculate risks
B. Understand uncertainty
C. Manipulate time
What can a model accomplish?
Involves the aggregation of information and features simple roll-ups to complex groupings of interrelated information
What is consolidation?
Enables users to get details, and details of details, of information
What is drill-down capability?
The ability to look at information from different perspectives
What is slice-and-dice capability?
fuzzy logic
Which type of AI system assigns values of 0 and 1 to vague or ambiguous information?
Making an airline reservation
Which of the below would create transactional information?
A. Update existing information to reflect the new information
B. Store the information
C. Process the information according to defined business rules
D. All of the above
Online transaction processing (OLTP) is the capturing of transaction and event information using technology to ____________.
What-If Analysis, Sensitivity Analysis, Goal-Seeking Analysis, Optimization Analysis
Which of the below represent the four main DSS analysis techniques outlined in the chapter?
What-if analysis
What is the DSS analysis that checks the impact of a change in a variable or assumption on the model?
OLTP is used at the operational level; OLAP is used at the managerial level
B. OLTP is used to capture transactional and event data; OLAP is used to manipulate information
C. OLTP is used to support structured decisions; OLAP is used to support semistructured decisions
D. All of the above
Online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical processing (OLAP) are similar MIS strategies used to help with business decision making. What is the primary difference between OLTP and OLAP?
Goal-seeking analysis
What is the analysis that works in reverse to what-if and sensitivity analysis by finding the inputs necessary to achieve a goal such as a desired level of output?
Executive Information System (EIS)
Decision making at the executive or strategic level require business intelligence and knowledge to support the uncertainty and complexity of the business. What is a specialized DSS that supports senior-level executives and unstructured decisions requiring judgment, evaluation, and insight?
Executives of a company deal less with details of the operational activities and deal more with the higher meaningful aggregations of information or "coarser" information. What refers to the level of detail in the model?
EIS requires data from external sources to support unstructured decisions where a DSS typically uses internal sources to support semistructured decisions
How does a DSS typically differ from an EIS?
Digital Darwinism
Which of the following terms implies that organizations that cannot adapt to the new demands placed on them for surviving in the information age are doomed to extinction?
Sustaining technology
Which of the following produces an improved product customers are eager to buy, such as a faster car or larger hard drive?
A. Enter the marketplace at the low end
B. A new way of doing things that initially doesn't meet the needs of existing customers
C. Tend to open new markets and destroy old ones
D. All of the above are included
Which of the following represents a form of disruptive technology?
disruptive technology
The Innovator's Dilemma suggests that established companies can take advantage of ___________ without hindering existing relationships with customers, partners, and stakeholders.
Which of the following began as an essential emergency military communications system operated by the U.S. Department of Defense (DARPA)?
Ecommerce is buying and selling of goods or services online; ebusiness includes ecommerce and all activities related to internal and external business operations
What is the difference between ecommerce and ebusiness?
Hypertext markup language (HTML)
What is the Internet protocol Web browsers use to request and display Web pages using universal resource locators?
Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
Which of the following is a type of Web browser?
One-hour film processing and digital cameras stole its market share
What caused Polaroid to go bankrupt?
Universities were among some of the first users of the Internet. What was the Internet first called?
Reducing information reach
Which of the below would not be considered an advantage of ebusiness?
Mass customization
What is the ability of an organization to tailor its products or services to the customers' specifications?
Amazon creates a unique recommendation listing for each customer that revisits its website. How would you classify Amazon's ebusiness strategy?
What uses the Internet to reassemble buyers, sellers, and other partners in a traditional supply chain in new ways?
When evaluating the business value of disintermediation the more ____________ that are cut from the distribution chain, the lower the product price.
A. Effective MIS metrics
B. Interactivity
C. Clickstream data
D. All of the above
What is the best way to measure a company's ebusiness success?
A. Cookies
B. Pop-up ad
C. Banner ad
D. All of the above
Which of the following is an ebusiness marketing technique?
Viral marketing
Which type of ebusiness marketing technique induces websites or users to pass on a marketing message to other websites or users, creating exponential growth in the message's visibility and effect?
A. Dates and times of visits
B. Number of customers with shopping carts
C. The number of page views
D. All of the above
Which of the following is an example of a clickstream data metric?
A business model details how a company creates, delivers, and generates revenue; an ebusiness model does all of the same except on the Internet
What is the difference between a business model and an ebusiness model?
Business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-business, and consumer-to-consumer
What are the four main types of ebusiness models?
B2C focuses on business to consumers and C2B focuses on consumers to business
What is the difference between a B2C and a C2B?
What is the ebusiness model which applies to customers offering goods and services to each other over the Internet?
Which of the following represents businesses buying from and selling to each other over the Internet?
Carfax is an example of a company who sells its products or services directly to its consumers online. Which ebusiness model is Carfax using?
What type of revenue generation model is Google using when it generates revenue by allowing advertisers to bid on common search terms?
Brick-and-mortar business
What is a business that operates in a physical store without an Internet presence?
Which type of ebusiness model is Amazon using?
subscription fee
All of the following are forms of ebusiness except _____________.
Service provider
Which of the below is not a valid form of an ebusiness revenue model
Email, instant messaging, podcasting, content management systems, and video and Web conferencing
Which of the following represents the connecting and communicating tools supporting and driving ebusiness?
Content providers, infomediaries, online marketplaces, portals, service providers, transaction brokers
Which of the following represents the categories for ebusiness models?
Which of the below is not an ISP?
Increasing liabilities
Which of the following is a challenge facing an ebusiness?
Identifying limited market segments, managing consumer trust, ensuring consumer protection, and adhering to taxation rules
What are the four challenges facing ebusinesses outlined in the text?
A. Be accessible to communicate in-person
B. Be available to communicate in-person
C. Use customer testimonials that link to your client website
D. All of the above
Managing consumer trust is a challenge for ebusinesses. Which of the following is a good way to build trust when working with customers over the Internet?
. Consumer trust
Internet marketers must develop ___________ to build strong relationships with customers to ensure loyalty.
C. Some online companies have to charge sales tax
Which of the below statements is accurate when considering the ebusiness challenge of adhering to taxation rules?
open system
What is the system that consists of nonproprietary hardware and software based on publicly known standards that allows third parties to create add-on products to plug into or interoperate with the system?
User-contributed content
What is Web content that is created and updated by many users for many users?