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  1. Treatment for hereditary angioedema
  2. Drug allergy: LAs
  3. Prostaglandins effects
  4. Multiple myeloma
  5. IgA‐
  1. a Bronchoconstriction
  2. b Rare, accounts for 1% of adverse reactions to locals
    Ester based->PABA
    Preservatives (methylparaben, propylparaben) similar to PABA
    No proven cross-reactivity between ester & amides
  3. c Secretions, topical defense
  4. d Antihistamines & epinephrine doesn't work
    C1 esterase inhibitor
  5. e Proliferation of single clone B‐ lymphocytes->immune complex deposition

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  1. 1 mg 1:1000
    0.01 mg/kg IM
    Max 0.5 mg in adult
    Max 0.3 mg in child
  2. Vanco‐ life threatening anaphylactic &
    anaphylactoid (red man syndrome) reactions
    PCN‐ most common cause of fatal anaphylaxis (structurally r/t cephalosporins-> theoretical ↑d risk of allergy
  3. 1-600 adults, sinus & pulm infections, risk during blood transfusion (anti-IgA antibodies)
  4. Abnormal proteins agglutinate in response to cold
    Cold hemagglutinin disease
  5. 3% incidence of allergic reactionst

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  1. Drug allergy: Muscle relaxantsAccount for 60% of periop drug induced allergic reactions
    High incidence (50%) of cross sensitivity
    Quaternary ammonium groups (nondepolarizers)


  2. AmyloidosisMast cells, Anaphylaxis and allergy


  3. Dosing for epinephrine for shock but w/ pressure1 mg 1:1000
    0.01 mg/kg IM
    Max 0.5 mg in adult
    Max 0.3 mg in child


  4. Drug allergy: Induction drugsBarbs‐ rare, severe
    Propofol- egg lecithin emulsion, most common, high incidence of bronchospasm


  5. Treatment of anaphylactoid reactionsDegranulations & release of vasoactive mediators->hypotension & CV collapse