Types of Markets and Offerings

What term refers to the first time an issuer offers shares to the public?
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What types of offerings are exempt from registration?Rule 147 (intrastate) Reg A (small issue) Reg D ( private placements) and Reg Crowdfunding (Internet)What term refers to the first time an issuer offers shares to the public?IPOWhat type of prospectus may be distributed during the cooling-off period of a primary offeringRed HerringWhen a security is listed, it means that it trades on what?An ExchangeWhat rule sets down the requirements for the resale of restricted stock to the public?Rule 144What is another name for the agreement among underwriters?Syndicate LetterIf an investor wanted to purchase an unlisted security, where would the order be entered?In the over -the- counter marketRegulation D of the Securities Exchange Act of 1933 allows a private placement to be sold what number of accredited investors?UnlimitedWhat are the 2 types of underwriting agreements between the issuer the syndicateFirm Commitment and Best OffersIn a reg D offering, how many accredited investors may buy the unregistered securities?Unlimited numberWhich Act was designed to prevent fraud in the issuing of securities?The Securities Act of 1933The proceeds from a sale of a security went directly to the issuer of the security. In what market did this transaction occur?Primary Market