Lesson 2 (Hema Lec)

Polyphyletic Theory
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Liver4th month it is formedMedullary/Myeloid StageCH: Red Bone Marrow When: 5th month of gestation Posterior Iliac Crest, TibiaPosterior Iliac Crest(POSIC) Preferred site of bone marrow extraction in adultsTibiaPreferred site for bone marrow extraction Infants <18 months of ageHematopoietic Cell: Red Bone Marrow Not: Yellow Bone Marrow (Fat Cells)Bone Marrowmajor organ of blood formationB Lymphocyte, T LymphocyteLymph Nodesarea for the maturation of T Lymph NodesMegakaryocyteslargest cell in the bone marrow and is the parent cell of WBCMedullary Hematopoiesisconfined in the bone marrowExtramedullary Hematopoiesisconfined in other blood formung organRibs, Sternum, Skull, Shoulder blades, Vertebrae, Pelvis, Proximal ends of long bonesMain Sites of Hematopoiesis in Adult (RSVP)CellularityRatio of marrow cells to fatNomocellularmarrow has 30-70% hematopoietic cellsHypercellular/Hyperplastic> 70% hematopoietic cellsHypocellular/Hypoplastic<30% hematopoietic cellsAplasticMarrow has very few or no hematopoietic cells; without marrow cellularity ; less than 5%Eryptosisprogrammed cell death of RBCApoptosisprogrammed cell deathBone Marrow Aspirationprocess of extracting bone marrowCounting Methodology of BMARequired: at least 500 cells to be counted Preferred: 1000 cells to be counted ME Ratio: 2:1 to 4:1MacrophagesDiameter: 30 um or more Cytochem: NSE (+)ErythroidParent Cell of ErythroblastMyeloidErythroid is always less than MyeloidNon-specific esteraseNSEMacrophageMonocyte in the TissuesKuppfer Cellsmonocytes in the liver; liver macrophageMast CellsDiameter: 12-25 um Cytochem: Chloroacetate esterase +Mast CellsBasophil in TissueOsteoblastimmature bone cellOsteoblastsynthesize new bone matrux waterbug/comet appearanceOsteoclastruotured boneOsteoclastlarge, multinucleated 100 um or moreMegakaryocyteslargest cell in the normal BM: parent cell of plateletPlasma Cellcell that produce antibodiesB Lymphocytetransforms into plasma cellsPlasma cellantibody forming cell of the bodyUncommitted Stem Cell/Colony Forming Unit Cell/ Totipotential Stem Cellother term for pluripotential (yolk sac)Uncommitted Stem Cellcan undergo exact replication of stem cellCULTURECFU-CMultipotential Stem CellLyphoid Stem Cell, Hematopoietic Stem CellCommitted Stem CellCFU BL, CFU TLT lymphocytesdirectly actsmTuration series of the T LymphocytePlaMEgMegakaryoblast.5-1%observation of reticulocute in adultsBFU-EBurst Forming Unit ErythroblastCFU-EColony Forming Ynit ErythroblastPronormoblastParent Cell of ErythrocyteMaturation of Eosinophil and Basophil is the samemyeloblastparent cell of granulocytesselect correct order of maturation of this mature cell