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Why did early civilizations develop in Mesopatamia?

Because of the Tigres and Euphrates rivers and rich, fertile land

List the ways in which the Sumerians controlled their physical development.

Levees, irrigation, canals, buildings

Why did Sumerians set up governmants?

Had to learn to work together to be organized, had laws that told them what to do.

Why did city-states go to war together?

To prove strength=, set boundaries

Why were priests important in Sumerian society and what was their role in the society?

They were kings, controlled the land, ran the schools, and were connected with the gods.

Explain how Sargon created the world's first empire.

Conquered and united City-states.

For what kinds of change is Hammurabi given credit?

Reorganized tax system, worshiping one god, began government housing, improved irrigation.

Describe Hammurabi's code of law.

Encompasses daily life, "all innocent until proven guilty"

List four contributions of Mesopatamian civilizations.

Water clock, water wheel, shadoof, plow

What number did the Mesopatamia base their number system on?


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