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  1. Charles Darwin
  2. Postmodernism
  3. Terminus post quem
  4. Theory
  5. Cognitive archaeology
  1. a Evolution was not new

    Natural selection
  2. b Oldest certain date after which an event happened
  3. c We need to be concerned with individual mind (post-processualism)

    "The Ancient Mind"-Renfrew and Zubrow
  4. d Ideas/methodology; way to organize knowledge
  5. e Anthropological version of post processualism

    Early 1980s: Ian Hodder, Michael Shanks, Christopher Tilly

    Emphasizes detailed description of specific sites and intuitive interpretation

    Objective interpretation not possible due to biases of the observer

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  1. Dating based on the analysis of patterns of tree-rings; can date the time at which tree rings were formed, in many types of wood, to the exact calendar year
  2. Those processes affecting the way in which archaeological remains came to be buried, and their subsequent history

    Two types:
    -Cultural: deliberate or accidental activities of humans affecting creation of the arch. record
    -Natural: natural (inorganic vs. organic)
  3. Term used to describe the 'modern synthesis' of Darwinian evolution through natural selection with Mendelian genetics

    As part of the disagreement about whether natural selection alone was sufficient to explain speciation, George Romanes coined the term neo-Darwinism to refer to the version of evolution advocated by Alfred Russel Wallace and August Weismann with its heavy dependence on natural selection
  4. Gathering data on living cultures
  5. -Cross-cutting relations
    -Common sense

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  1. Expressing timeTwo ways:
    -Calendar years: BC/AD or BCE/CE
    -Radiometric time scale: Before present (BP)


  2. Terminus ante quemOldest certain date after which an event happened


  3. Lewis Binford"Ancient Societies"

    Unilineal evolutionism:
    -Savagery (fire; use of bow)
    -Barbarism (domestication; metallurgy)
    -Civilization (alphabet; read/write)


  4. Thomas JeffersonEvolution was not new

    Natural selection


  5. ParadigmA theoretical framework; a way to think theoretically