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IPS Quiz on Classification and the Periodic Table - Review Questions come from Review Jeopardy in Class.

Periodic Table

This organizer arranges elements according to the element's properties

Mercury and Bromine

These two elements are liquid at room temperature


There are approximately 105 elements on the periodic table. Each element is listed as having a unique number of this particle.


This is the general term given to materials that are made up of two or more substances that are physically combined.

As you move down a column in the periodic table this happens to the atomic weight, density, and atomic radius.


Diatomic elements

When elements like H, O, N, Cl, B, I, F are uncombined with other elements that are found only in pairs, they are considered this.

These are the noble gases due to the fact that they do not mix with other elements.

Xe, Kr, Rn, Ne, He, Ar

Butter can be classified as this type of matter

Homogeneous mixture - It appears the same throughout but can be physically separated.

Elmer's glue would be classified as this type of matter

Homogeneous mixture

Demitri Mendeleev

The Russian scientist credited with the creation of the modern periodic table.

Pure substance

This is the general term given to materials that have a fixed chemical composition and are the same throughout

A combination of flour, cocoa, and baking soda would be classified as this type of matter

Heterogeneous Mixture - physically combined and has different properties throughout

Atomic Radius

This is the only periodic quality that decreases as you move across a row in the periodic table.

Synthesized Elements

The name given to the elements (greater than 93) that have been created through transmutation

Trail mix can be classified as this type of matter

Heterogeneous mixture

Hot chocolate can be classified as this specific type of matter

Solution - It is the same throughout


More than 80% of the elements are classified as this.

Concept Map

This study tool can be especially helpful when learning new terms and can help you better understand how the terms relate to each other.

Metalloid Line

This "stair-step" line on the periodic table is called this due to the fact that these elements have properties of both sides.


This type of substance can be chemically broken down in a lab into component elements


These substances can be solids, liquids, or gasses at room temperature without conducting electricity.

Ti can be classified as this type of matter.

Element - only made of one type of atom


Elements that are in the same row (Left to right) are part of this grouping.


This cool eyewear is essential for all lab experiments

Helium and Methane (CH4) can both be classified as this type of matter

Pure substances

Substances to the left of the stair step and are malleable



Elements with similar properties are found in this

Chemical Reactions

Elements and compounds can go through this type of reaction to create new compounds with chemical properties

Tossed salad is a classic type of mixture

Heterogeneous mixture

H2O (water) can be classified as this type of matter

Compounds - made up of two elements chemically combined

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