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  1. Irrigation
  2. Royal Road
  3. Medes
  4. Slit
  5. Dynasty
  1. a Road system of Persian Empire which ran from Susa in Persia to Sardis in Anatolia, a distance of 1,677 miles.
  2. b Southwest Asian people who helped destroy Assyrian Empire.
  3. c Series of rulers from a single family.
  4. d Ditches that carried river water to their fields and allowed them to produce a surplus of crops.
  5. e Thick bed of mud.

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  1. Persia's king in 550 B.C.
  2. Political unit in which a number of people or countries are controlled by a single ruler.
  3. Babylonian king that created Mesopotamia's 282 laws.
  4. List of 282 specific laws that was based on "an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth". First ever set of laws.
  5. Artisans - skilled workers who make goods by hands.

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  1. Zagros MountainsBabylonian king that created Mesopotamia's 282 laws.


  2. Tigris and Euphrates RiverRivers that flow southeastward to Persian Gulf.


  3. SennacheribOne of the Assyrian kings.


  4. Sumerian PriestsThe earliest rulers of the city-states because they could talk to the gods.


  5. ZoroasterSeries of rulers from a single family.


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