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  1. Sennacherib
  2. Irrigation
  3. Darius
  4. Cultural Diffusion
  5. Specialized workers
  1. a One of the Assyrian kings.
  2. b Artisans - skilled workers who make goods by hands.
  3. c Process of a new idea or a product spreading from one culture to another.
  4. d Cambyses' successor, noble of dynasty. Seized throne in 522-521 B.C.
  5. e Ditches that carried river water to their fields and allowed them to produce a surplus of crops.

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  1. Group of people in Asia who invented metal coins and the Persians adopted this.
  2. Region in Mesopotamia; size of Massachusettes that held most of the city-states.
  3. The earliest rulers of the city-states because they could talk to the gods.
  4. Cyrus' son, who extended the Persian Empire by conquering Egypt (named after Cyrus' father).
  5. Southwest Asian people who helped destroy Assyrian Empire.

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  1. Assyrian tactics in taking city-statesHad strong and well-disciplined army they used to conquer empires.


  2. ExilePerson forced to leave homeland.


  3. Five characteristics of civilization are...Advanced cities, specialized workers, complex institutions, record keeping, and advanced technology.


  4. Hammurabi's CodeBabylonian king that created Mesopotamia's 282 laws.


  5. NinevehAssyria's capital.