Constructing Deviance Moral Entrepnuers: campaning

When talking about the constructions of deviance where talking about an _________________ _________________
Moral enterprise
acceptable and unacceptable, whats right and whats wrong
Moral enterprise
People who are directly involved in this moral enterprise, put in the work of making sure society never runs out of deviance by defining other peoples attitude and bheaviors as immoral
Moral entrepreneurs
Judges, politicians, parents, principals
Rule Creators
Rule enforcers
Moral entrepreneurs can be done by indivduals but more frequently its done by ___________ because its ________________
groups, much more effective
Moral entreprenuers are driven by ___________
Moral entreprenuers take there _____________ morality and turn it into __________ morality
private, public
When Moral entreprenuers see a problem what do they do?
they set out to create a law or rule for that problem
Moral entreprenurs 3 stage process
generate awareness, moral conversion , social power
done thru campaigns, ads on tv, testimonies of experts, stastics, reformed peoples
generate awareness
Moral entreprenurs generate awareness thru ________________
after raising awareness you need to get allies and coalitionsm you need to convert neutral and former enemies
Moral conversion
long term and agree on many issues for long periods of time(labor union and democrat party)
short term, around a single issue(coalition among republican chirstian and feminist groups about internet porn)
the ability of a perosn or group to get what they want even when others resist them
Social power