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apparent coincidence
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beach resortпляжный курортholiday resortкурортexcessive amount ofчрезмерное количество (не исчисляемое)substantial quantity ofсущественное количествоlast resortЕДИНСТВЕННОЕ, ЧТО ОСТАЕТСЯ СДЕЛАТЬ. To say that you would so something as a last resort means that it is the last thing you would do if you were desperate and all other courses of action had failed. EXAMPLE: I still haven't found a hotel for the night; I can always sleep in the car as EXAMPoversea marketиностранный рынокdomestic marketвнутренний рынокturning pointa time when an important change takes place in a situation, especially one that makes it betterpotential impactsпотенциальное воздействиеstumbling blockКАМЕНЬ ПРЕТКНОВЕНИЯ. A problem or obstacle that prevents you from achieving something is a stumbling block. EXAMPLE: My father adapted quite well but the language was always a stumbling block for my mother.a double lifeдвойная жизньshared valuesценности, разделяемые людьми в обществеblack swanan event that is extremely rare and unexpected but has very significant consequencesnecessary evilНЕИЗБЕЖНОЕ ЗЛО. If you say that something is a necessary evil, you don't like it but you understand that it has to exist and be accepted. EXAMPLE: Vaccinations are a necessary evil if you want to travel.adopted countryпринимающая страна, страна эмиграцииvicious circleПОРОЧНЫЙ КРУГ. When the solution to a problem creates another problem similar to the original, or makes it worse, so that the process starts all over again, the situation is called a vicious circle. EXAMPLE: I borrowed money to reimburse Paul. Now I've got to reimbursefunnily enoughкак ни странноexceedingly largeчрезмерно большойmorally baseнизменный