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APUSH Chapter 7

Proclamation of Neutrality
A formal announcement issued by President George Washington on April 22, 1793, declaring the United States a neutral nation in the conflict between Great Britain and France.
Citizen Edmund Genet
Representative of the French-Republic; Despite the Neutrality proclamation, he gathered and encouraged American support of France in the war; withdrawn and replaced in response
Jay Treaty
Was made up by John Jay. It said that Britain was to pay for Americans ships that were seized in 1793. It said that Americans had to pay British merchants debts owed from before the revolution and Britain had agreed to remove their troops from the Ohio Valley
Pinckney Treaty
agreement between the united states and spain that changed floridas border and made it easier for american ships to use the port of new orleans
Right of Deposit
right to transfer goods at a destination without having to pay fees for the cargo
Battle of Fallen Timbers
battle between American and native American forces in 1794 over Ohio Territory that led to the defeat of the Native Americans
Public Land Act
This act established orderly procedures for dividing and selling federal lands at a reasonable price.