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  1. Ellipsis
  2. Syntax
  3. Diction
  4. Zeugma
  5. Attitude
  1. a Deliberate omission of a word or of words which are implied
  2. b Particular breech of sense in a sentence
  3. c way words are arranged in a sentence
  4. d feelings of speaker
  5. e Author's choice of words

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  1. Art and logic of a written or spoken argument, purposeful
  2. repetition of the same word or group of words at the end of clauses
  3. Opposition, elaborates ideas
  4. repetition of initial or medial consonants of 2 or more adjacent words
  5. repetition of the same word or group of words at the beginning of successive clauses

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  1. Ad Hominem ArgumentArgument attacking the opposing speaker instead of the issues at hand


  2. ImageryWords make a mental picture


  3. Personificationexplanatory writing


  4. ParenthesisJuxtaposition of contrasting ideas


  5. ApotheosisCharacter elevated to god-like status