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  1. Metaphor
  2. Parallelism
  3. Ethos
  4. Logos
  5. Exposition
  1. a Similarity of structure
  2. b explanatory writing
  3. c compared directly
  4. d Characteristic spirit or ideal that informs a work, appeals to ethical principles
  5. e Appeal to reason

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  1. Sympathetic feeling of pity or compassion evoked
  2. Artful deviation from the ordinary pattern of words
  3. asking a question for the purpose of asserting or denying something
  4. Not real story
  5. Substitution of a part for a whole, symbolic

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  1. SatireRidicule or mock ideas


  2. AllegoryExpresses sorrow


  3. ForeshadowingUse of pronouns (1st, 2nd, 3rd)


  4. Similecomparison using like or as


  5. AntithesisCharacter elevated to god-like status