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  1. Juxtaposition
  2. Pacing
  3. Ethos
  4. Apotheosis
  5. Satire
  1. a speed of a story's action
  2. b Characteristic spirit or ideal that informs a work, appeals to ethical principles
  3. c Ridicule or mock ideas
  4. d Character elevated to god-like status
  5. e When two contrasting things are placed next to each other

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  1. Inversion of word order
  2. Particular breech of sense in a sentence
  3. Many conjunctions
  4. repetition of similar vowels
  5. explanatory writing

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  1. Attitudefeelings of speaker


  2. Personacharacter created by the voice and narration of the speaker


  3. Parodyconvey a meaning opposite to the literal meaning of the word


  4. AsyndetonNo conjunctions


  5. AtmosphereEmotional feeling or mood