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  1. Elegy
  2. Antithesis
  3. Syntax
  4. Apotheosis
  5. Imagery
  1. a Words make a mental picture
  2. b Expresses sorrow
  3. c way words are arranged in a sentence
  4. d Juxtaposition of contrasting ideas
  5. e Character elevated to god-like status

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  1. Artful deviation from the ordinary pattern of words
  2. Language using imaginative comparison
  3. ridicule or make fun of a work
  4. Opposition, elaborates ideas
  5. Deductive reasoning in which pieces of evidence are used to create a new conclusion

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  1. ZeugmaAppeal to reason


  2. Alliterationrepetition of initial or medial consonants of 2 or more adjacent words


  3. Litotesunderstatement


  4. MetaphorCharacteristic spirit or ideal that informs a work, appeals to ethical principles


  5. AllegoryWords make a mental picture


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