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  1. temperature
  2. troposphere
  3. greenhouse effect
  4. reflection
  5. tropopause
  1. a light bounces off an object
  2. b what is the four layers of atmosphere divided based on?
  3. c lowest layer of the atmospher; where clouds and weather occur
  4. d the boundry between the tropsher and stratosphere
  5. e heating of the atmosphere by radiation absorbed by gases

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  1. most commoon gas in the atmosphere
  2. a mixture of various gases( nitrogen and oxygen make up 99% of clean, dry air)
  3. based on observations over many years; describes a place or region
  4. energy that flows from one object to another due to difference in temperature
  5. nighttime air temperatures than clear nights because clouds absorb outgoing radiation and reradiating it back towar Earth

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  1. convectioninvolves making contact=toUch; tranfer of heat through molecular activity


  2. isothermsconstantly changes; refers to state of atmosphere at any given time and place


  3. condUctionmass movement or circulation within a substance; heat rises/ cool sinks


  4. scatteringconstantly changes; refers to state of atmosphere at any given time and place


  5. the six temp. controlslatitude, heating of land and water, altitude, geographic position, cloud cover,ocean currents


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