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protein structure achieved among side chains
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Peroxisomes: MACA a. also named lysosomes b.contain oxidases c.contain acid phosphatases d.breakdown long chain fatty acidsB&Dwhich of the following cellular organelles contain catalases?lysosomeswhich organelle is responsible for processing and packaging proteins destined for export from cellgolgi apparatusMitochondria _________ a. contain digestive enzymes called acid hydrolyses b. are single-membrane structures involved in breakdown of ATP c. contain some of the DNA and RNA necessary for their own function d. synthesize proteins for use outside the cellCWhich organelle has a highly acidic interior containing many hydrolytic enzymes?lysosomeWhich of the following organelles is responsible for start of glycosylation?rough endoplasmic reticulumWhich of the following is NOT a function of the smooth endoplasmic reticulum? A. lipid metabolism and cholesterol synthesis B. steroid-based hormone synthesis C. breakdown of stored glycogen to form free glucose D. protein synthesis in conjunction with ribosomesDMicrotubules are hollow tubes made of subunits of the protein tubulin. T/FtrueActin filament are thin strands made from G-actin molecules T/FtrueThe electron microscope has revealed that one of the components within the cell consists of pinwheel array of 9 triplets of microtubules arranged to form a hollow tube. This structure is a ________.centrioleMicrotubules are not found in:stereociliaWhich of the following cytoskeletal elements is necessary for cleavage formation?actin filamentsCytoplasm often stains poorly because its lipid content is removed by the organic solvents used in the clearing step in routine histological preparations. This problem is most likely to occur with cytoplasmic regions rich in which of the following organelles?Smooth endoplasmic reticulumWhich of the following contain axoneme? MACAcilia and flagellaActin filaments are involved in: MACA a. muscle contraction b. cleavage furrow formation c. cytoplasmic streaming d. mitotic spindlea,b, and cAll the following cellular structures contain microtubules except: a. cilia b. stereocilia c. flagella d. mitotic spindlestereociliaYou expect to find many gap junctions in ........ Than in ..........cardiac muscle than in epitheliumThis type of junction is found on the basal surface of the cell.hemidesmosomeHelp prevent molecules from passing through the extracellular spaces between adjacent cells.tight junctionsAllows ions and small molecules to pass through from one cell to junctionsAbundant in tissues subjected to great mechanical stress.desmosomesDescribe the glycocalyx and its functions.The glycocalyx is the sticky, carbohydrate-rich area on the cell surface. It helps bind cells together and provides a highly specific biological marker by which cells can recognize each other.Cancerous cells can divide so rapidly that they will often produce a glycocalyx that is different than the other cells in the body. This may result in cells of the immune system recognizing the tumorous cells as foreign and destroying them T/FtrueColchicine is a drug that can prevent the formation of microtubules. Which is the most likely effect colchicine would have on cell division?It will arrest mitosis by preventing the formation of spindle microtubules (mitotic spindles).Which of the following structures would aid a cell in allowing absorption? MACA stereocilia,microvilli, cilia, flagellamicrovilli and stereociliaThe apical most junctions which restrict membrane protein distribution in epithelial cells are called:tight junctionsDesmosomes bound to ...intermediate filamentsWhich of the following structures are not part of terminal Bar:hemidesmosomeswhich of the following processes would be most likely to occur in Golgi complex?glycosylation of proteinsWhich of the following is considered part of a typical cell? a. Cell membrane b. Cytoplasm c. Nucleus d. All of the above are considered parts of a typical cellDWhich of the following is a function of a plasma membrane protein? a. molecular transport through the membrane b. forming a lipid bilayer c. circulating antibody d. oxygen transportAWhich of the following is correct about Glycocylax? a. It is found on the apical surface of absorptive cells b. It is made of sugar residues c. Forms the brush border d. All the answers are correctDWhich of the followings describes gap junction? MACA a. the are made by proteins called connexons b. They are found on the most apical part of the cell c. They are made of proteins called desmogelin d. They are found in cardiac muscle cellsA and DWhich of the following structures are made of actin fillaments? Flagella Cilia Intermediate fillaments sterociliasterociliaTransitions in the cell cycle from one phase to the next are regulated by which of the following proteins: MACA A. Laminin B. Cyclins C. Actins D. Collagen E. Cyclin dependent kinaseB and EIn which stage of mitosis do the identical sets of chromosomes line up along the midline or equator of the cell?metaphasePreparation from Mitosis occurs in what phase of the cell cycle?G2Key differences between apoptotic and necrotic cell death include which of the following? A. Necrosis is involved in formation of some organs during embryonic development. B. Necrosis does not trigger inflammation. C. Apoptosis usually follows lethal physical damage to a cell. D . Apoptotic cells do not release factors that induce inflammationDWhich of the following is correct about Proteoglycans: A. They are long chains of polysaccharides called GAGS B. Gags plus proteins makes proteoglycans C. Chondroitin sulfate is a proteoglycan D. Dermatan sulfate is a proteoglycans E. All the above are correctBWhich of the following Gags are not attached to proteins.HyaluronateType II collagen fiber is found in: MACA A. Hyaline cartilage B. Basal lamina C. Elastic cartilage D. Basement membraneA and CReticular fibers are type III collagen fibers are produced by fibroblasts. A. True B. FalseTrueCollagen is only secreted by fibroblast cells. A. True B. FalseFalseBasal lamina contains: A. Type IV collagen B. Laminin C. both above D. Neither of the aboveCWhich of the followings have high affinity for silver staining? MACA A. Type I Collagen fibers B. Type III collagen fibers C. Elastic fibers D. Reticular fibersB&D