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-Spain is rich/pwr and ally with pope, so trying to stop Protestantism bc against Roman Catholic Church
-English King, Henry 8th(1509-1547), wrote article against ML, Pope awards him, but when Henry asks for divorce and pope says no, breaks away from RC=English Reformation-> pass Active Supremacy, creates New Church of England w/ King as head of it; most of ppl enthusiastic
-his daughter take over, Bloody Mary (1553-1558): mom was Spain so made England RC again, kills all who aren't RC
-other daughter take over: Queen Elizabeth 1(1558-1603)= back to Church of England; freedom of belief; then all Protestants who had left bc BloodyMary came back to England, began trouble, Puritans (very loyal Protestants) get elected & want reforms in Church; encouraged to explore/colonize to fix the social and economic problems in England
-Piracy of Spanish ships=Spain and England energies intensify
-England sends ppl to Roanoake but failure
-Queen of Scots, beheaded 1587: done to prevent Catholicism from reestablishing itself in England
-war with Spain begins 1588
-King James 1(1603-1625)(protestant/ decreased Parliament's authority), defeats Spain= last push of confidence for England to colonize Americas;Jamestown and Plymouth colonized during his reign
-King Charles I (1625-1649): protestant & decreased Parliament's authority; Mass. Bay Colony colonized during his reign
-Conflict between Parliament(Puritans) and Crown: Parliament wanted more authority, but the Crown (Charles I) didn't want to give any up=Civil War (1642-1649): Oliver Cromwell VS Charles I; Turbulence in England encouraged migration overseas