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  1. Jacques Louis-David was first the court painter to King Louis XVI, but by a twist of fate ended up as painter to ____.
  2. In his famous 1907 photograph, Alfred Stieglitz captures the juxtaposition of the upper and lower classes on board the Kaiser Wilhelm II ship. This photograph is titled ____.
  3. Images painted directly on a wall or intended to cover a wall completely, such as José Clemente Orozco's Epic of American Civilization: Hispano-American, are known as ____.
  4. Ralph Going's Rock Ola is a contradiction of what we normally consider when we think of a watercolor on paper because the work is considered to be ____.
  5. ____ was the principal painting medium during the Byzantine and Romanesque eras of Christian art.
  1. a Photorealism
  2. b The Steerage
  3. c Gouache
  4. d Napoleon Bonaparte
  5. e murals

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  1. title
  2. Charles Simonds
  3. carefully modeled and three dimensional
  4. emulsion; silver halide
  5. National World War II Memorial

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  1. The oldest known type of ink is India or China ink, made from a solution of ____.tree branches capped by salt shakers


  2. From the Latin for "blood," ____ is the name associated with an earthy red chalk color.Style


  3. Nineteenth-century industrialization led to the development of ____ as a building material, and it was the first material to allow the erection of tall buildings with relatively slender walls.gauffrage


  4. After meeting Ms. Mary Lou Furcron, African American artist Beverly Buchanan's life and art have focused on ____, as seen in Henriette's New York's Central Park


  5. Palmer Hayden's The Subway represents a demographic and ethnic cross-section of the strap-hanging riders of 1930s New York City and thus demonstrates ____.emphasis on variety


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