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  1. The painful realism of Kiki Smith's figures, complete with body parts and bodily fluids, was likely influenced by her career as a(n) ____.
  2. Unlike pure, bilateral symmetry, ____ provides variety within an overall unified composition.
  3. In Laurie Simmons' photograph Red Library #2, the perfect room and robot-like woman are meant to symbolize ____.
  4. In Four Marilyns, Pop artist Andy Warhol participated in the cultural ____ of the film star and icon Marilyn Monroe.
  5. Nineteenth-century industrialization led to the development of ____ as a building material, and it was the first material to allow the erection of tall buildings with relatively slender walls.
  1. a the dangers of too much order
  2. b approximate symmetry
  3. c immortalization
  4. d cast iron
  5. e emergency medical technician

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  1. supermodel icon
  2. Japanese kimono
  3. isolated
  4. The Steerage
  5. compel the viewer to take a new look at the familiar

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  1. Woodcuts make use of the flat surface of wooden boards, but wood engravings use the end sections of the boards, yielding a ____ surface.Charles Simonds


  2. Dara Birnbaum's multimedia installation PM Magazine appropriated images from the network show of the same title in an effort to focus on ____.Piazza della Signoria


  3. In Hiroshi Sugimoto's Go-oh Shrine, by using both smooth and rough areas of wood and stone, the architect reveals that his primary emphasis is to create contrasts in gay and living in America


  4. In both tempera and oil painting, the surface of the wood or canvas is covered with a ground of powdered chalk or plaster and animal glue known as ____.Style


  5. A ____, located at the entrance to Barcelona's Parc Guell, has become a favorite symbol of the city.mosaic serpent by Gaudi


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