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  1. In both the camera and the ____, light enters a narrow opening and is projected onto a photosensitive surface.
  2. Palmer Hayden's The Subway represents a demographic and ethnic cross-section of the strap-hanging riders of 1930s New York City and thus demonstrates ____.
  3. Roy Lichtenstein's Forget It, Forget Me! is an example of Pop Art that has the visual appearance of a ____.
  4. ____ is a mixture of pigment and a synthetic resin vehicle that can be thinned with water.
  5. ____ is the study of the themes and symbols in the visual arts: the figures and images that lend works their underlying meanings.
  1. a comic strip
  2. b Acrylic
  3. c human eye
  4. d Iconography
  5. e emphasis on variety

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  1. traditional negative Christian views of women
  2. the diverse disciplines that will be housed in the structure
  3. harmonious and soothing
  4. murano
  5. Pop art

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  1. The advent of the camera replaced the age-old need of art to imitate nature as closely as possible, and this change, in turn, led to the development of 20th century artistic ____.abstraction


  2. By the 1850s, photographic portrait studios became quite popular and began to serve the needs of ____.heliography


  3. The Simon Rodia Towers in Watts, coated with glass, tile, shells, and dishes, took 33 years to erect. It an example of a(n) ____.mixed media assemblage


  4. The colors opposite each other on the color wheel are ____.his breath


  5. The couple in Lichtenstein's Forget It, Forget Me! are not very realistic but they are clearly recognizable. The painting is therefore a good example of ____.comic-book hero