The main point of the Donders' reaction time experiments was to
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The key structural components of neurons arecell body, dendrites, axonaction potential occurs in theaxona synapse isa gap between neuronsIf the intensity of a stimulus that is presented to a touch receptor is increased, this tends to increase the ________ in the receptor's axon.rate of nerve firingWhen conducting an experiment on how stimuli are represented by the firing of neurons, you notice that neurons respond differently to different faces. For example, Arthur's face causes three neurons to fire, with neuron 1 responding the most and neuron 3 responding the least. Roger's face causes three different neurons to fire, with neuron 7 responding the least and neuron 9 responding the most. Your results support ____ coding.sparse?A specific person's face is represented in the nervous system by the firing of:a group of neurons each responding to a number of different facesRecording from single neurons in the brain has shown that neurons responding to specific types of stimuli are often clustered in specific areas. These results support the idea oflocalization of functionwhich part of the brain is important for touch, pressure and painparietal lobeDamage to Wernicke's area is in which lobe of the brain?temporalBrain-imaging techniques can determine all of the following EXCEPT:the structure of individual neuronsThe sequence of steps that includes the image on the retina, changing the image into electrical signals, and neural processing is an example of _____ processing.bottom upIf a word is identified more easily when it is in a sentence than when it is presented alone, this would be an example of _____ downthe likelihood principle states thatwe perceive the object that is most likely to have caused the pattern of stimuli we have received.You look at a rope coiled on a beach and are able to perceive it as a single strand because of the law ofgood continuation"Every stimulus pattern is seen in such a way that the resulting structure is as simple as possible" refers to which Gestalt law?good figurePeople perceive vertical and horizontal orientations more easily than other orientations according to theoblique effectThe demonstration in your text that asks you to visualize scenes such as an office, a department store clothing section, a lion, and a microscope often results in more details in the scene of the office or department store than the scene with the lion or microscope. The latter two tend to have fewer details because most individuals from modern society have less knowledge of _____ in those scenes.semantic regularitiesThe experimental technique that involves removing part of the brain is known asbrain ablationThe landmark discrimination problem is more difficult to do if you have damage to your _____ lobe.parietalThe perception pathway corresponds to the _____ pathway, while the action pathway corresponds to the _____ pathway.what;wheredichotic listening occurs whendifferent messages are presented to the left and right earsColin Cherry's experiment in which participants listened to two different messages, one presented to each ear, found that people:could focus on one message and ignore the other one at the same timeBroadbent's "filter model" proposes that the filter identifies the attended message based onphysical characteristicsA high threshold in Treisman's model of attention implies thatit takes a strong signal to cause activationThe main difference between early and late selection models of attention is that in late selection models, selection of stimuli for final processing doesn't occur until the information is analyzed for:meaningThe Stroop effect demonstrates people's inability to ignore the ______ of words.meaningAccording to your text, the ability to divide attention depends on all of the following EXCEPTtask cueingautomatic processing occurs when:tasks are well-practicedIllusory conjunctions are:combinations of features from different stimuli________ is the process by which features such as color, form, motion, and location are combined to create our perception of a coherent object.binding