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441.1 - Thoracic Aneurysm, Ruptured

Diagnostic ICD-9 Code

95.43 - Audiological Evaluation

Procedural ICD-9 Code

078.1 - Viral Warts

Diagnostic ICD-9 Code

38.62 - Other Excision Of Vessel (Wart) From Neck

Procedural ICD-9 Code

99.45 - Vaccination Against Measles

Procedural ICD-9 Code

940 - Burn Confined To Eye And Adnexa

Diagnostic ICD-9 Code

24.2 - Gingivoplasty

Procedural ICD-9 Code

401 - Essential Hypertension

Diagnostic ICD-9 Code

65 - Operations On Ovary

Procedural ICD-9 Code

87.8 - X-Ray Of Female Genital Organs

Procedural ICD-9 Code

95.31 - Fitting & Dispensing Of Spectacles

Procedural ICD-9 Code

906.4 - Late Effect Of Crushing

Diagnostic ICD-9 Code

30 - Excision Of Larynx

Procedural ICD-9 Code

21.2 - Diagnostic Procedure On Nose

Procedural ICD-9 Code

38.1 - Endarterectomy

Procedural ICD-9 Code

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