Company, troop, battery, and separate detachment commanders are authorized to promote Soldiers to what ranks?
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Identify the rating chain qualification and responsibilities - Intermediate RaterQualifications: Between rater/senior rater; limited to special branches and dual supervision situations; Must serve minimum of 60 days; technical expert Responsibilities: Familiar with rated officer's performance; provide input on DA Form 67-10-1A; provide objective, comprehensive evaluation of performance and potential.Identify the rating chain qualification and responsibilities - Senior RaterQualifications: Senior rater to intermediate rater; minimum grade of O4; must serve a minimum of 60 days Responsibilities: Review support form; Evaluate the officer's potential relative to peers; conducts final review of reportIdentify the rating chain qualification and responsibilities - Supplementary ReviewerWhen there is no uniformed Army designated officials for the rated officer, an Army officer within the organization will serve as the Supplementary reviewer. Normally senior to the senior raterMinimum rating period for NG120 DaysMinimum rating period for Active90 DaysWhat are the two types of Appeals (OERs)Administrative SubstantiveAdministrative AppealsOnly for administrative errors; adjudicated by HRC, Evaluation Appeals BranchSubstantive Appeals- Differences of opinion - Prejudice - Inaccurate / unjust ratings - Adjudicated by ASRB