MIT 204: Chapter 3 - Smart Book

There are _blank​_ specific actions that you should take as part of the coding process.
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Which of the following is true when comparing the Alphabetic Index to a GPS mapping app?You cannot count on it to give you accurate information.To select the best, most accurate code(s) a coder should base the selection onOfficial Guidelines. documentation.When coding each procedure, service, or treatment,code only those that were provided to the patient during the encounter.As a professional coding specialist, it is your responsibility to submit _blank_ accurate, truthful information, supported by the physician's documentation.onlyWhat are included in the Tabular List (ICD-10-CM) and Main Section (CPT) to provide tips and hints to point you toward the correct code?ConventionsWhich of the following is a term seen in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetic Index?ShockWhich of the following uses alpha numeric or numeric order for code selection?ICD-10-CM Tabular List CPT Main Section ICD-10-PCS TablesWith so many code sets and codes, the process to get from _blank_ to _blank_ is more complicated than simply finding a word here and code there.documentation; codeWhere can you find conventions that offer tips and hints in selecting the correct code?ICD-10-CM Tabular List CPT Main SectionSelect the title used for the ICD-10-CM Guidelines.ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines for Coding and ReportingThe _blank_ book includes official guidelines within the sections, subsections, with advice and direction for accurate coding or just those procedures, services, and subsections.CPTWhat rules and regulations must be referred to every time you are working to determine a code?Official GuidelinesWhere would you find the guidelines in the ICD-10-PCS book?Front of bookThe code that identifies the reasons why the patient was seen by a health care professional _blank_ what the physician or health care professional did to the patient only when they are in accordance with the standards of care.justifyIn an outpatient setting, there must be a _blank_ and a _blank_ to support medical necessity.diagnosis code; procedure codeIn what type of setting must the diagnosis code(s) support medical necessity for a patient requiring around the clock acute care from trained health care professionals?InpatientWhere would you locate most of the guidelines in the CPT coding book?In front of each main sectionWhich of the following is the title used for the ICD-10-PCS Guidelines?ICD-10-PCS Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting_blank_ procedure code(s) can link to one diagnosis code, and _blank_ diagnosis code(s) can link to one procedure code.Multiple; multipleWhich of the following diagnoses would support medical necessity to admit a patient into the hospital?Mild intermittent asthmas with status asthmaticusConfirming medical necessity by pairing at least one diagnosis code to at least one procedure code is known as what?Linking