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Red Cross Lifeguarding

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At the Top
-check that patrons are tall enough to use the slides by using a measuring pole or line on a wall
-instruct riders how to ride the slide according to manufacturer's instructions and facility protocols and make sure they are in the correct riding position
-instruct riders not to stop on the slide
-help riders with the equipment
-confirm that the riders are ready to go and signal them to start
-if assisting riders to take off, use tube handles when available. avoid pushing or pulling riders by their shoulders, arms or legs
-dispatch the rider(s) at the proper intervals. for drop-off slides, speed slides and free-fall slides, ensure that the previous rider has left the runout end of the slide or the catch pool and the lifeguard at the bottom as signaled for the next rider
-if you can see the lifeguard at the bottom, he or she can use a hand signal or whistle
-if you cannot see the lifeguard at the bottom, a mechanical system, such as light signals, can be used
At the Middle-watch for riders who
- Stop, slow down, stand up, or form a chain
-Lose their mat, tube or raft or having trouble getting down the slide
-Hit their heads on the side of the slide
*Alert the dispatcher or lifeguard at the end of the slide of the situation and assist patrons as necessary
At the Bottom of the slide
-Observe all riders exiting the slide in the catch pool. Patrons might not realize the depth of the catch pool and may need assistance
-Assist riders who appear to be off balance or get caught underwater in the strong downward flow of water in the catch pool. This strong force can knock a person or non-swimmer under water.
-Help riders, if needed, from the runout or catch pool. Some patrons might be disoriented or frightened from the ride
-Ensure that riders do not cross in front of any slide when getting out of the runout or catch pool
-Signal the lifeguard at the top when each rider has moved out of the catch pool or runout and it is clear to send the next rider