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Phonological Processes

Describes what children do in the normal development process of speech to simplify standard adult productions.
substitution of an alveolar phoneme for a labial or linguadental phoneme
[/don/ for bone]
Assimilation (Harmony)
alteration of a consonant phoneme that is influenced by, and becomes more like, a surrounding phoneme
[/genk/ for thank]
substitution of a more posteriorly produced phoneme for an anteriorly produced phoneme
[/bok/ for boat]
Cluster Reduction
reduction of a cluster to a singleton
[/pen/ for plane]
substitution of a single phoneme that is different from tow adjacent target phoneme yet takes on features of the target
[/fok/ for smoke]
substitution of a fricative for an affricate phoneme
[/ʃɪp/ for chip]
substitution of a homorganic stop (similar place of articulation) for a nasal phoneme
[/do/ for no]
substitution of an alveolar fricative or affricate for a palatal fricative or affricate
[/fɪs/ for fish]
addition of /i/ or consonant + /i/
[/lɛgi/ for leg]
repetition of a word
[/gogo/ for go]
insertion of a new phoneme
[/bəlu/ for blue]
Final Consonant Deletion
deletion of the final consonant
[/pu/ for pool]
substitution of a more anteriorly produced phoneme
[/su/ for shoe]
substitution of a glide for a liquid
[/pwey/ for play]
Initial Consonant Deletion
deletion of the initial singleton consonant
[/ul/ for pool]
substitution of a labial phoneme produced with the tip of the tongue
[/bɔg/ for dog]
Metathesis (Spoonerism)
transposition of two phonemes
[/lɪkstɪp/ for lipstick]
repetition of a complete or incomplete syllable
[/wawa/ for water]
substitution of a stop for a fricative or affricate
[/top/ for soap]
Stridency Deletion
ommission of a strident or the substitution of a non-strident consonant
[/op/ for soap]
Unstressed Syllable Deletion
deletion of an unstressed syllable
[/markwev/ for microwave]
Voicing or Devoicing
alteration in voicing influenced bu a surrounding phoneme
[/beg/ for bake]
Vocalization (Vowelization)
substitution of a vowel for a liquid phoneme in the final position
[/pipo/ for people]