Fahrenheit 451 part 1

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PersonificationA figure of speech in which human or living characteristics are given to nonhuman or nonliving thingsForeshadowingThe use of hints or clues about what will happen later in a plotInferenceA reasonable conclusion drawn by readers based on details and clues given in a literary workCharacterizationThe manner in which an author creates and developes a character using exposing dialogue and actionDialogueConversation between characters in litterary workJuxtaposition2 or more things placed side by side genrally in an unexpected combinationFirst person POVThe narrator is a character in the story and uses the personal pronoun IThird person POV limited point of viewThe narrator is outside the story but presents the story through the thoughts and feelings of one characterThird person POV omniscientThe narrator is outside the story but knows the thoughts and feelings of all of the characters and can comment on any part of the storyExternal conflictInvolves an outer force such as nature or other characters (the hound)InternalExists inside a person such as emotion or sense of duty (Montag and his happiness)