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Concepts of Chemical Dependency Chapter 16

Tobacco Products and Nicotine Addiction
What was the cash crop of Virginia?
Tobacco is the cash crop of the state of Virginia.
Name 5 Compounds found in cigarette smoke.
carbon dioxide, ammonia, arsenic, acetone, and DDT,
When did tobacco companies first admit to how addictive cigarettes are?
Not until 1997 did companies admit that nicotine was extremely addictive.
Describe in detail who was James A. Bosnack.
James A. Bonsack invented a cigarette manufacturing machine that made 120 thousand cigarettes per day. By 1890 the price of domestic cigarettes had fallen to a nickel for a pack of 20.
What is the percentage of smokers that are addicted?
90%-95% of smokers are addicted to nicotine.
How many chemicals can be found in cigarette smoke?
How many carcinogens can be found in cigarette smoke?
There are 60 Carcinogens in cigarette smoke
How long does it take for a nicotine for nicotine to reach the brain?
A single puff allows nicotine to reach the brain in less than 10 seconds.
How long is the biological half-life of nicotine?
Biological half-life of nicotine is about 2 hours.
What was once punishable by death in Germany?
In Germany public smoking was once punishable by death.
One third of the world's smokers are thought to reside in what country?
One third of the world's smokers are thought to be Chinese men.
How many states prohibited cigarettes in 1909?
Cigarettes were prohibited in 10 states by 1909
How was tobacco used during colonial times?
Tobacco was used as Currency (bartered)
What percentage of alcohol and drug abusers smoke cigarettes?
71% to 100% of alcohol and drug abusers smoke cigarettes.
How did ancient warriors use tobacco smoke?
Ancient warriors used the smoke from tobacco to distract their opponent during battle.