Body planes, cavities, regions, and directional terms.

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thoracic (chest)consists of the superior mediastinum, pleural (lungs), and pericardial cavitiessuperior mediastinumUpper compartment of the thoracic cavity containing trachea, the esophagus, and the aortic arch.PericardiumDouble-layered membrane surrounding the heart.pleural cavitiescontains the lungsDiaphragmmuscle that separates thoracic and abdominopelvic cavityabdominopelvic cavityabdominal and pelvic cavitiesRight Upper Quadrant (RUQ)gallbladder, most of liverLeft Upper Quadrant (LUQ)stomach, pancreas, spleenLeft Lower Quadrant (LLQ)small and large intestines, left kidneyRight Lower Quadrant (RLQ)small / large intestines, right kidney, appendixepigastric regionsuperior to the umbilical regionhypogastric (pubic) regionimmediately inferior to the umbilical region; encompasses the pubic arearight hypochondriac regionright upper region below the cartilage of the ribs that extend over the abdomenleft hypochondriac regionleft upper region below the rib cartilageright lumbar regionright middle region near the waistleft lumbar regionleft middle region near the waistright iliac regionlower right region near pelvic bones (the appendix can be found here)left iliac regionlower left region near pelvic bonescranialtop of headfrontalforeheadoccipitalback of headorbitaleye socetoticear regionoralmouthbuccalcheekmentalpertaining to the chincervicalneck regionAxillaryarmpitscapularsholder bladeacromialtip of the sholderpectoralchestAbdominalstomachumbilicalbelly buttonpelvic regionarea of the pelvis below the abdomenInguinalgroin area directly above pubic regionthoracic regionupper back and chestlumbardivision/region of the lower backbrachialregion of upper armantecubitalelbow (front)olecranaltip of the elbow (back of elbow)anterbrachialforearmcarpalwrist / handpalmar regionpalm of handdigital regionfingers, toes (phalangeal)glutealbuttockscoxalhipfemoralthighpatellarfront of knee (kneecap)poplitealBack of knee (posterior)cruralanterior shinsuralCalf or posterior surface of the lower legtarsalankle / top of footcalcanealheelplantarsole of footpedalfootanterior / ventral (directional term)toward the front of the bodyposterior / dorsal (directional term)toward the back of the bodyMedial (directional term)Toward the midline of the bodyLateral (directional term)Away from the midline of the bodySuperior (directional term)above; toward the head (cephalic) on the axial division of the bodyInferior (directional term)below, towards the tail (caudal) on the axial division of the bodyProximal (directional term)closer to torso (appendicular division)Distal (directional term)away from torso (appendicular division)Superficial (directional term)Toward/on the body surface - Closer to surfaceDeep (directional term)away from the surface of the body, more internalprONationface down (lying on stomach), or turning palms down, or turning the sole of the foot laterally away from the midline of the bodysUPinationface up (lying on back), or turning palms up, or turning the sole of the foot towards the midline of the body

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