What is data collected through?
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- naturally numeric - may be categorical (ordinal/nominal)Quantitative DataWhat data scales are found in quantitative analysis?- Interval: numeric values where the distance b/w 2 values has meaning, but no true 0, and multiplying values has no meaning Ex) temp., dates - Ratio: numeric values where 0 has meaning, and multiplying/dividing values has meaning Ex) currency, LOS, age, weight- used to uncover patterns in data - typically a secondary use of data - primarily graphical analysis (plots, trends)exploratory data analysis (EDA)- looks for patterns in data - adds in descriptive stats & more formal statistical techniques - may be used for benchmarking & determining high/lower performersdata mining- historical data is used to build models to determine most likely outcome in future - data mining is used to identify the potentially best predictors - maybe a simple function (linear regression) or more involved models (neural networks) Ex) used by CMS for pre-payment reviews to fight fraud, used by credit card co. to fight fraud, used by providers to identify missed chargespredictive modelingperformance of internal & external reviews to find variations from established baselines - performed using random samplesAuditingContractors who perform audits of HC provider billing data to find payment errors & recover overpayments for the medicare programRecovery Audit Contractor (RAC)Must be able to combine: - content knowledge - understanding the strengths & weaknesses of various data elements - data acquisition skills through querying databases or effectively writing specifications for queries - ability to identify the appropriate statistical technique to apply - familiarity w/ analytic software to produce the required output - present the analysis to the end user so that it may be the basic for business decisionsData Analyst Skill Must be able to Combine:HIM Professionals are uniquely positioned to:- understand data structures and coding systems - understand available data and methods for integration - can communicate w/ both finance and IT staff - act as a business analystEntry Level Health Data Analyst Responsibilities- working with data - reporting resultsMid-level Health Data Analyst Responsibilities- work collaboratively ' - develop & maintain - develop, implement, & enhance evaluation and measurement models for the quality, data and reporting, and data warehouse department programs, projects, and initiatives for maximum effectiveness - act as a business analystSenior-level Health Data Analyst Responsibilities- understand & address the info needs of governance, leadership, and staff to support continuous improvement of patient care processes and outcomes - lead & manage efforts to enhance the strategic use of data and analytic tools to improve clinical care processes and outcomes continuously