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the goal of a stimulus preference assessment to:
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stimulus fading involves fading out the exaggeration of a stimulus dimension (size, shape, proximity, etc). this is done to in essence point the client to the correct response at first. once they understand the correct response and its connection to the antecedent stimuli, the exaggeration can be gradually withdrawn. which of the following is an example of stimulus fading?
molly wants to know how long it takes her client to get dressed after being given the instructions to get dressed. she should use _____________ data?latencybehavior on ___________ schedules of reinforcement is the most difficult behavior to extinguishintermittentsally prompts a client by pointing to the correct answer. this is called...gestural promptyou have been asked to determine the IRT of a behavior. you record ____________.the time from the end of one response to the beginning of the nextpermanent product procedures would be most appropriate forchecking if a resident of a group home is able to get all of the groceries on their listin a written behavior reduction plan, antecedent, or environmental strategies refers to _____________.manipulating in the environment to prevent or discourage the problem behaviorif you use a visual schedule with a client, it is what type of prompt?visual prompta rbt is observing a student complete spelling worksheets. the bcba supervisor asks the rbt to determine how many spelling worksheets it takes the client to complete before they achieve 100% on their spelling worksheet. what method of measurement would best capture this?trials to criteriona client is given 20 math questions and is able to answer 17 of the questions correctly. what measure would best represent this performance?percentage of occurrenceexamples of overt behaviorsmiling, dancing, running, walking, screamingexamples of covert behaviorthinking, dreaminga ___________ is an essential component of a skill acquisition plan that is not necessarily a measurable statement.goaldiscrimination training involves what type of reinforcementdifferential reinforcement