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Critical incident stressis stress experienced at any level resulting from exposure to a critical incident.post tramatic stress disordercaused by a psychological traumatic event that is generally outside the range of human experience. a disorder that occurs after a horrible experience/ event, symptoms are worse when things arise again,. Last more than thirty daysDifference between critical incident stress and PTSDEveryone experiences stress, not everyone experiences PTSD.Events causing critical incident sresssShootings, violent deaths, motor vehicles accidents, death notices, air crashes. suicides, rape, torture, hostage situations.physiological response of critical incident stress.Flight or fight, adrenaline released, breathing quickens, blood pressure increases, large muscles intense, pulse increases. shock, bladder or bowel release.psychological effects of delayed critical incident responseDenial. isolation, preoccupation with the event, heightened sensitivity to others reactions.resilienceThe process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, and even significant sources of stress. Positive view in yourself, mental and emotional toughness. cognitive restructuring,Resilience- mental and emotional toughnessPhysical fitness, sleep, Mental rehearsing, tactical breathing, mental focus, taking decisive actions. rituals or maintain schedule. maintain relationships. accepting health and support. how can I do better? what do i do in this situation?Planning, ,, Critical incident stress preparation techniquesAttend available training, look at policy and support. Spouse and peer support groups. Involve support system. Talk to those who have been there.get other available resourceson scene critical incident stress techniquesbe prepared for: ~~~~Visuals, auditory, odor,post event Critical incident stress,,, coping techniquesLearn and grow, Examine thoughts, Debriefings, normal responses-- abnormal event, peer counseling, seek professional assistance.What is the goal of digital officer safetyto reduce the personal and professional operational risk associated with online activity.With a router what do you do when you first get it?make sure encryption is evoked (change name and password of router)traditional cyber threatsviruses, trojans, worms, spam phishing, pirated schemesViolation noticesticket, summons, citation, NOV (notice of violation)What is a violation noticeFormal charging instrument, standard form used by Fed law enforcement. generally issued in the field but can be issued by mail. No changes after written.Three part forum-White copy-- mailed to CVB - Pink copy-- Issuing agency keeps this copy for 5 years - Yellow copy-- given to the defendantguidelines for issuing officersThey must be complete, if you can't fill something out you must put a dash. must be mailed within 3 days. only one offense per violation notice. Separate notice for each offense. No forfeitures for mandatory appearances. Need to provide social security per privacy act statement No erase marks no blackouts on violation tickets. Make sure correct charge is on their and its properly formatted.Refusal to signsimply write refused on the violation notice or put a dash.Mandatory appearancethe statement of probable is required by federal law to support the issuance of an arrest warrant for failure to appear.Collateral forfeitureis like a fine. paid by the defendant in Liue of appearance. NOT an admission of guilt... same impact of the guilty plea. they can pay it.Statement of probable cause, back of violation noticeis a sworn affidavit by an officer.Probable causeReasonable grounds to believe an offense was committed. always write on the back of a summons handwritten.TSC Handling Code 2possible immigration violator, possible ties to terrorismTSC Handling Code 3gather information, possible ties to terrorism.Tsc handling code 4gather information, possible national security interesttsc handling code 5gather information possible ties to transnational organized crime5th adminNo person shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself. Without due process of law. No self incrim, double jeopardy, due processDo businesses have 5th admin rightsNo sir. 5th admin protects the humansWho is compelled by the 5th adminThe governmentWhat is compelled by the 5th adminincriminating informationIncrimiateMakes someone appear guilty of a crime or wrongdoing::: strongly imply the guilt of someone.Identify when the 5th Amendment privilege against self-incrimination is applicable1. Made by a person 2. Government compelled 3. Testimonial 4. IncriminatingWhat are the Miranda warnings?1.You have the right to remain silent 2. Anything you say can be sued against you in a court 3.You have the right to talk to a lawyer before questioning and to have a lawyer with you during questioning 4. If you cannot afford a lawyer one will be appointed for you before any questioning if you wish. 5. do you understand your rights? Will they waive their rights and talk without a lawyer?When are miranda warnings required?Must need all 3 1-Cops, known officers 2-questioning, Direct questions or Functional equivalent 3- Custody, arrest like,Handling code 1Possible Arrest. A federal arrest warrant may exist for the individual. Possible ties to terrorism.4 conclusion in the authentication of ID DocumentGenuine, genuine but altered, counterfeit, genuine but fraudulently used or obtained.list some tools and items associated with counterfeitingcomputers, printers, scanners, coppers, photoshops, cutting instruments, hard drives, adhesives and glues, bleach and chemicals.WHen a photo has been affixed over the orginal photo of another ID, it is called?photo substitutionsName two primary lighting techniques used to detect security features?Transmitted (back lighting)--obleic (side light)Where is microprint text usually foundBorders, backgrounds, and graphics4 common alterations includeerasures, cut and paste, trace over, and additionsThe most commonly altered parts of ID documents arephotos, date of birth, and expiration date.Ink that appears like glitter and/or tends to change color or vary optically as the angle of lighting changes is called?Optically variable inkThe area of all passports that is a standardized format is called whatMachine readable zoneThe I-551 is a document issued for ______ years to immigrants and called the ______10 years Permanent resident alien cardThe I-766 is called the _______ ________and is issued to _____ _____Employment authorization document non immigrantswhat security feature appears and disappears, and is usually used to protect photos?Hologramsindicators of a trace over includes difference in ________ and ______Ink and fonthow can the government compel someone to do somethingcourt order, subpoena, warrant,Where does incriminating information come fromfrom the brainNon testimonialThe government can lawfully compel it.Criminal casepunishable, A crime has been committed, no person shall be a witness against themselves. Should not tell on yourself.anything prior to the reading of miranda rights are what. or failure to read them are whatsuppressedExceptions to not reading miranda warningspublic safetyValid Waiver of Miranda Rightsknowing, voluntary and intelligent.Cooling off period for someone who won't talk to you during an arrest.2 hoursIf they ask for a lawyer what do you doall questioning has stopped until the lawyer gets there. No cooling off period.Can you evoke your rights before coming into contact with LEno, once contact is made you can evoke your rights and it has to be clear you are using your rights.Show upstaking the suspect to the scene of the crime for witnesses to look at him to confirm.Line upshaving around six people that all look like the suspect for the victim or witness to pick the one who commited the crime.What is OPSECA process which denies potential adversaries information, generally unclassified, about the planning and execution of sensitive activities and operations. Military government LE Research and development.5 Step OPSEC Process1. Identification of critical information 2. Analysis of threats 3. Analysis of vulnerabilities 4. Assessment of risk 5. Application of countermeasuresIdentification of critical informationinformation in need of protection and analysis of how that information may be inadvertently compromised.Analysis of threatsIntent and capability ,,,,,, to look at the potential harm or financial impact that might be caused by critical information being exposed, and who might exploit that exposureAnalysis of vulnerabilitiesto look at the weaknesses that can be used to harm us Address the capabilities of the adversaries to use the information that has been collected in an attempt.Assessment of RiskThreat, vulnerability, impact.Application of countermeasuresto put measures in place to mitigate risks. Countermeasures refer to anything that effectively negates an adversary ability to exploit vulnerabilitiesEssential elements of friendly informationPersonal rosters, unmarked vehicles, equipment, frequencies, capabilities.Mission sensitive informationCurrent operations, suspects, informants, warrants, surveillance.Criminals gather informationCommunication, imagery, trash, open source,Methods of preventionprocedural change, background checks, physical security, deception, speed of execution.Biometricsunique physical or behavioral characteristics. as fingerprint or voice patterns. especially as a means of verifying personal identity. DNA, connect people to evidence.Friction ridge skinPermanent, individual, ........The skin on the fingertips, palms of hands, and soles of feet, characterized by patterns of hills and valleys.. Keeps traction and friction on items, Formed around 10.5 weeks.FD-249 Forms for fingerprinting prisoners are what colorred Have prisoner sign before printing, blues for jobsPalmar-- where friction ridge skin ispalm of handplantar- where friction ridge skin is.sole of footthe fingerprint rollingtip to first crease, nail to nail.IAFISIntegrated Automated Fingerprint Identification SystemNGINext Generation IdentificationCODISCombined DNA Index SystemNDISNational DNA Index SystemNext generation identification: biometricsFingerprints , DNA, Facial RecognitionA major case, how many cards will you need5884palm prints , heel to tip884 afinger and palm print card, 5 prints249 cardFingerprint cardBuccal Collection Kitall e barcodes match, if any errors they must be thrown away, blue black ink only, DO not seal the kit with saliva. FBI will reject forms if prints are bad, no prints,or bar codes don't matchhow many times does the applicator come in contact with the cheeks, not going for saliva.8 timesTitle USC 844possession of a controlled substanceTitle USC 841manufacture and distribution of controlled substances.Elements of 844 possession1. knowingly or intentionally - must know presence 2. Possess-in pocket, or trunk,ability to control 3. Controlled substance- 4. without authority- no prescription, not approved.elements of 841, Manufacture and distribution1. knowingly or intentionally - must know presence 2. Possess-in pocket, or trunk,ability to control 3. Controlled substance- 4. without authority- no prescription, not approved. 5. With intent to distribute, dispense, or manufacture.--quantity, baggies, scales, distribution toolsDifference from 844 possession and 841 distribution844- mere possession 841- with intent to manufacture, distribute, or dispense.Document the encounter.No references to TSC information at all. Use suspicious person.IndicatorsObservable, past known behaviors, potential criminal activity,mobilization indicatorsindicators that are constitutionally protected rights or race, ethnicity. getting ready to commit a crime.indicator reportingreport everything you see, any incidents , fragments, or anything LE should know.Suspicious activity reportsWitness one or more unusual activities.what do all handling codes stateApproach with cautionWhich indicator category includes body languages, nervousness, hesitant and decisiveness in an attempt to conceal.suspicious behaviorWhat is the process that documents suspicious activitySAR'sthree pharmacological classifications on drugs of abuseDepressants Hallucinogens Stimulantsnarcotics effects from it -are derived from the opium poppy plant - Decrease Central nervous system, activate pupils, sleep,Narcotics depressant examplesMorphine, codeine, heroin, dilaudid, meth, demerol, oxyNon narcotic depressantsTranquilizers, alcohol, barbituratesTwo categories in the stimulant familycocaine and amphetamine compoundsCocaine HCLSchedule II, topical anesthetic, blood flow reducerBase cocaineSchedule 2, smoked because it is insolublephysical drug dependencyBody requires the presence of the drug to prevent physical withdrawal symptomsPsychological drug dependenceA craving or compulsion to use a drug brought on by its reinforcement potential. May develop rapidly and be more difficult to overcome than physical dependenceAmphetaminesSchedule II ,,,for hyperactivity, insomniamethSchedule II, produced pharmaceutical or in clandestine labs. Crank speed icePeyoteA cactus that produces the hallucinogen mescaline. can be used by native americanspsychedelic mushroomsalkaloids are psilocybin and psilocin found in cow manure.Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD)produces trip that can last 10+ hours.Phencyclidine (PCP)originally used as a human anesthesia and animal tranquilizer. cause unpredictable behavior. immune from pain, dont handle without gloves5 drugs in hallucinogens familyPCP, cannabis, psychedelic mushrooms, LSD, peyoteCLub and date rape drugsMDMA (ecstasy), ketamine, rohypnol, Gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB), Gamma butyrolactone (GBL)Exstacy (MDMA)schedule 1 ,, hallucigen, enhances empathic, open and caring feelings,KetamineSchedule 3, dreamy effect in users, swallowed or injected. similar to PCPRohypnolmemory loss, also called roofies. amnesiaGBLSymptoms of depressant withdrawalssweating chills, pain crampsGBLchemcial used in cleanersWhat is an incidentcaused by either a human or natural phenomena, May involve casualties.Effective first responders need to be--realistic about their limitations, adaptable, flexible, decisive.Assess what you have- initial assessment.Nature of magnitude of the incident, hazards and safety concerns, initial priorities. resource requirements.Identify what you haveIncident command post, perimeter, entrance and exit routesI C SIsolate Contain, Stabilize3 u's------330 ft-upstream -up hill -up windPerimeter - InnerIncident victims and witnesses, criminal suspects, first responders.Perimeter outerfirst responders, media, public.Command and managementIncident command system , Multiagency coordination systems, public information.ICS management elements (incident command system)Command, control, coordinationICS benefits (Incident, comand, system.)Safety, achievement, efficient.StandardizationICS works for routine operations and catastrophic events. Flexibility is not limited by standardization.IC responsibilities1.Life safety 2. incident stabilization 3. Property preservationTransfer of CommandResponsibility for command moves from one incident commander to another...... Must include a transfer of command briefing.When command can be transferredJurisdiction, how complexity changes. Higher authority or ranking officer.ICP (Incident Command Post)Established on all early stages. far enough from immediate danger. close enough to facilitate control.Hazmat-- 3 reason to be green in the book***********1. toxic inhalation hazard 2.Chemical biological weapon, 3. Adverse reaction to water If highlighted in green it needs to be treated specificallyOsha 28 cfr 1910understand the role of the first responder awareness individual in the employers emergency response plan including site security and control and the US department of transportation emergency response guidebook.... Ability to realize the need for additional resources.If you're lost or not sure in the hazmat book where do you goguide 111. To 330 ftblue sectionalphabetically looking for namePolymerigationGenerates heat and pressure build up inside containers which may explode.Orange sectionfocus on the left side.If a substance is not highlighted in green where do you goTO orangesmall spill55 gal and 660 underlarge spillmore than 55 gal and more than 660 poundsBLEVEBoiling Liquid Expanding Vapor ExplosionRain*********Recognize Avoid Isolate NotifyCHALETCasualties Hazards Access Location Emergency Services Typewhat is a leakGasWhat is a spillLiquidcolors of herionBrown white blackSchedule 1Non medical use. Highly abusiveSchedule 2For medical use. Still highly abusiveyellow sectionLooking them up by numberIEDImprovised Explosive Device;PIESPower source- battery Initiator (electric, non electric) Explosives- low or high Switch- Put all together you get a IEDLow explosivesdesigned to burn, put in pipe bombs, can be in a plastic bag. These burn unless they are contained. have some kind of fuseHigh explosivesdo not need a container. Heat shock and friction.primary effects of explosion TBFThermal, Blast pressure, fragmentationThermal effectsleast destructive. bright flash fireball. always a thermal effect..blast pressure effectsThe most destructive. positive goes out 360 degrees, pushes outward . the negative phase-- causes items to pull back inPrimary Fragmentation effectseverything attached to IEDsecondary Fragmentation effectseverything around it.Initiatorsto detonate explosives, electric or non electricswitchdetermines when it will functionTimed, method of initiationbased on time fuses.Victim, method of initiationperson has to do something to complete a circuit, victim not suspect.Command, method of initiationanything in the IED that can command it to go off whenever. Cell phone, doorbell, antenna, light switchSuicide bombersuicide by the bombprimary blast injuriesfrom psi, reflects off of items like walls and concrete.secondary blast injuriescaused from debris or fragmentation. most deathsTertiary blast injuriesitems get propelled into itemsquaternary blast injurieseverything after blast, like fire to a building or a collapsed building.Pipe bombsfilled with low explosives with a fuse.VbiedSUV panel vans, vehicle in the main part of bomb and transporterIED times6 minsLoad bearing areasTrunks, passenger compartments, cargo areaSearchesyou start --Public ---> private 4 levels 2 officers4 levels to search1.floor to waist - time consuming 2.waist to chin 3. chin to ceiling 4. above ceilingsZonesHot- no electronics Warm ColdMost deaths are caused fromFragmentation and debrisMandatory distance protects you from whatblast pressurepreferred distance protects you from whatDebris, fragmentationBetween you and the bombshield.PBIEDperson borne ied,, self initiated, enhanced fragmentation, Often have a toggle to make it go off. Weighs 35-40lbsSVBIEDSuicide vehicle borne iedExplosive ingredientsnitrate, ammonitrate, stricynide( rat poison) antigulaguar ( blood thinner)Pre incident behavioral patterns and visual indicatorsUnauthorized repeated intrusion into restricted areas A thousand yard stares, does not answer to commands.Trans blastwhen the bomber attempts to detonate the device and it malfunctions.Weapons of choice for suicide rifleLong rifle.Distance for a pipe bomb70ft........1200ftDistance for a suicide bomber110ft......1700ftDistance for a suitcase briefcase150ft.......1850ftDistance for a car320ft. 1900ftDistance for a SUV/van2400 feetWhats is a law enforcement reportOfficial record, Accurate and concise method.What do you need to have in a reportRelevant and significant facts. plain english.WHo is gonna look at the reportagency, prosecutors, judges, pretrial services. public, defence counsel. Civil litigation,Reasonable suspicion vs probable causeprobable cause is that a specific person has committed that crime and you can link them. belief that crime has been committed Reasonable suspicion is based on suspicion that criminal activity is afoot.WHen stopping someone do you report the time you held them?Yes, you Have to report the time you hold onto someone for a stopEPO 2 for report writing answerEstablish probable cause and suspicion through your document and stopsobjectively reasonable testall claims of excessive UOF are analyzed under the 4th admin. Graham factors---- S-- severity of crime I- immediate threat R-resisting F-- flight5 5th admin 2 crim law--5th admin------EPO 1-