Risky behavior may be due, in part, to an underdeveloped part of the adolescent brain that controls ________
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Adolescents tend to group together with people who share some characteristic. These large groups are known as ________.crowdsJoe and Morris have been friends for over 50 years. Now in their seventies, Joe still plays golf 3 times a week but Morris has physical limitations that prevent him from doing so. The differences in the way that these men are aging reflects the concept of __________.heterogeneityOf the two best friends, only Eva had genes that predisposed her toward alcoholism. Although both girls drank a lot of alcohol during their high school years, only Eva developed alcoholism as an adult. This phenomenon is known as what?differential susceptibilityTo study development researchers want to know how changes in thinking occur. When a change is gradual, linear, and quantitative, such as a child's height, development is considered to be:continuousEight-month old Jonathan was left by his mother at the baby-sitter's place. The minute his mother left and he could not see her, Jonathan started to cry. According to Piaget's theory of cognitive development which concept would explain Jonathan's behavior?object permanenceAccording to Piaget, a child who is in the __________ stage of cognitive development would fail a task of object permanence.sensorimotorChildren's _______________ in pre-K and Kindergarten is the strongest predictor of reading ability in third and fourth grade.phonemic awarenessCory's dad hides his keys under her blanket. Cory quickly retrieves and starts playing with them. What Piagetian stage has Cory mastered?sensorimotorErikson believed that individuals should strive to reach identity formation during adolescence. This is similar to what stage in Marcia's identity theory?identity achievementAlthough older adults experience cognitive decline, they perform just as well as younger adults on tasks that require expert knowledge because:Their life experience compensates for slower processing speed._____________ emphasizes how other people and the attitudes, values, and beliefs of the surrounding culture, influence children's development.Sociocultural theoryGary is not fast when completing a vocabulary test but if given enough time can get nearly 100% on the test. While Gary's old age may influence his reaction time, his _______ intelligence is fully intact due to his large amount of life experience and knowledge.crystallizedAdolescents suffering from depression often seek friends who are ________.depressedRandy has a box of Smarties candies. Randy leaves the room, and while he is away, Michelle plays a trick on him. She removes the Smarties and replaces them with rocks. Their son, Zeven, notices this, and starts laughing knowing that his Dad, Randy, will be tricked! Zeven has mastered:a theory of mindThere is a normal decline in older adults that occurs in their performance on tasks which require them to use:fluid intelligenceWhich of the following best describes the difference between structuralism and functionalism?Structuralists are interested in what the mind is and functionalists are interested in what the mind doesWhich noted psychologist developed the first modern intelligence test?Alfred Binet