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  1. Which of the following terms refers to legal, mental, or moral responsibility?
  2. Which of the following terms describes behaving courteously, conscientiously, and in a generally businesslike manner?
  3. Which of the following professional attributes indicates the ability to understand someone else's situation?
  4. Currently, the Occupational Safety and Health Act and the Clinical Laboratory Improvements Act do not require medical assistants to be?
  5. Which of the following statutes includes regulations regarding the testing of patient specimens and interpreting of results in the medical office?
  1. a Professionalism
  2. b Credentialed
  3. c Empathy
  4. d Clinical Laboratories Improvement Amendment
  5. e Accountability

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  1. AMT
  2. Criminal Justice
  3. Collecting arterial blood for measuring blood oxygen levels
  4. Ask the patient whether assistance is needed
  5. Every 5 years

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  1. Which of the following behaviors might be displayed by a medical assistant who is behaving unprofessionally?Accountable


  2. The abbreviation "CMA," when listed after a medical assistant's name, is his or her?Credentials


  3. Which of the following is allowed as long as the medical assisting credential remains current?Diagnosing communicable diseases


  4. Which of the following organizations publishes a journal called Professional Medical Assistants?AMT


  5. The most important elements in providing superior customer service to patients are?Integrity and honesty


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