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When can you watch fireworks displays? Give a date
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On which day do people in England eat haggis and drink a lot of scotch whiskey? Give a dateJanuary 25thOn the way today do we give flowers to our mothers in England?March 10thWhen do people celebrate Jesus rising from the dead? Give a name of a holidayEaster Sunday/PALM SUNDAYOn which day do we celebrate the holiday just before the Boxing Day? Give a dateDecember 25thOn which day do kids walk around dressed as monsters asking for sweets? Give a dateOctober 31stOn which day do people pull hilarious pranks on other people? Give a dateApril 1st/APRIL'S FOOLSOn which day do post-Christmas sales start? Give a dateDecember 26th/BOXING DAYWhat is the name of the holiday which is also known as Shrove Tuesday?Pancake DayWhich holiday to celebrate it on December 31?New Year's EveIn which city in the UK do people have a particularity big celebration on the pancake day?ScarboroughWhich two traditions are connected with Easter Sunday?Looking forward chocolate eggs and eating Easter BunnyWhat is the name of the most romantic city in the UK. where would you go for a date?BathOn which holiday do people drink lots of Guinness beer?St. Patrick's day/17TH MARCHCan Lent start on March 15?NoWhat is Bath famous for?Architecture, gardens, restaurantsWhat is the name of the person who tried to commit treason and blow up the English Houses of Parliament?Guy FawkesWhat do we celebrate on March 10?Mother's DayWhat do you celebrate on February 14?Valentine's DayWhat do we call a holiday in the UK which is very important date on the calendar in Scotland?Burns Night/SCOTISH POETWhat is the best day to go to Dublin in Ireland? Give a dateMarch 17thOn which day is Pancake Day celebrated? Give a dateFrom January 3rd to March 9thWhy do people wear a green hearts on March 17?Green is the colour of IrelandHow are British pancakes different from American ones?They are thinner and largerOn the way today do couples give each other gifts and cards? Give a dateFebruary 14thWhat do we call the last day before Ash Wednesday?Shrove TuesdayOn which day do you cook a meal made out of dried fruits, nuts and suet, pour brandy over it and set light to the alcohol?Christmas Day/MINCE PIEOn which day do people in the UK see their families, go shopping, or words some of the various sporting events?Boxing DayWhich holiday marks the beginning of Carnival?Epiphany/6TH JANUARYHow many days does the Lent last?40The second day of the Easter Triduum on which we have the Celebration of the Lord's Passion. Commemorates Crucifixion.Good FridayThe day on which Christians celebrate Jesus' resurrection from the dead.EasterFather's Day - when is it celebrated?The third Sunday in JuneColumbus DaySecond Monday in OctoberMartin Luther King, Jr. assassinated, 19683rd Monday in JanuaryIndependance DayJuly 4th, 1776Thanksgiving DayFourth Thursday in November