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Hard Palate

Alveolar Ridge

Oral Cavity

Nasal Cavity


The process of joining two elements together

Articulatory system

The system of mobile and immobile articulators brought into contact for the purpose of shaping speech sounds

Source Filter Theory of Vowel Production

Acoustic speech output results from a source of sound energy modulated by a transfer function determined by the shape of the supralaryngeal vocal tract

Mobile articulators

Tongue, Lower jaw, Velum (also lips, cheeks, fauces and pharynx, larynx and hyoid bone)

Immobile articulators

Alveolar ridge, upper jaw, hard palate, teeth

Largest bone of the face


Mental Protuberance

Mental Foramen

Angle of the Mandible

Mandibular Notch

Condylar Process

Coronoid Process

Mandibular Foramen

Maxilla: Nasal Notch

Maxillary Sinus

Alveolar Process

Nasal Crest

Anterior Nasal Spine

Palatine Process

Forms 3/4ths of the floor of the nasal cavity and bone roof of the mouth

Frontal Process

Nasal Crest

Zygomatic Process

Infraorbital foramen

Infraorbital Margin

Maxilla: Frontal Process

Posterior nasal spine

Intermaxillary suture


Incisive foramen

Premaxillary suture

Zygomatic bone

Nasal bone

Frontal bone

Frontal process

Alveolar process

Mental symphysis

Sphenoid bone

Occipital bone

Temporal bone

Crista galli

Cribiform plate

Foramen magnum

zygomatic bone

temporal bone


entire bone

nasal bone

frontal bone

parietal bone

occipital bone


(portion of the mandible)

zygomatic process

condylar process

coronoid process


(portion of the mandible)

mastoid process


styloid process

external auditory meatus

palatine process




palatine bone


incisive foramen

styloid process

medial pterygoid plate

lateral pterygoid plate

mastoid process


foramen magnum

pterygoid hamulus

Frontal bone

Lacrimal bone

Orbital plate of ethmoid bone

Orbital process of palatine bone

Zygomatic bone

Nasal bone

Sphenoid bone

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