Greek Alphabet

α = a in bat
α + macron = a in father
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Λ/λ l in liquidLambdaM/μ English mMuN/ν English nNuΞ/ξ x in foxXiO/o o in off, potOmicronΠ/π p in pikachuPiΡ/ρ rough mark at beginning of word English rRhoΣ/σ,ς (end) English sSigmaT/τ t in tireTauΥ/υ υ = u in put, υ + macron = ooUpsilonΦ/φ p in pot, ph in physicsPhiΧ/χ aspirated k sound (ch in Loch)ChiΨ/ψ ps in psychicPsiΩ/ω o in omegaOmegaαι = i in high αυ = ow in ow! ευ = ew οι = oi in asteroid ου = ou in youDipthong