Colonial America

___________ ____________ led the Massachusetts Bay colonists.
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Who funded England's first attempts at colonization?Private citizensWhat was the first legal code in the English colonies?the Lawes Divine, Morall, and MartiallThe Treaty of Breda transferred the colony of New Netherlands to the control of what country?EnglandWhy did Amerigo Vespucci receive more recognition for the discovery of America than did Columbus?Vespucci's letters detailing his experiences were widely published across Europe.John Smith _____________________.established order in JamestownWhen looking at the eight proprietors of the Carolinas, it can be said that [choose all that apply]among them were some of the greatest political minds of the day, they were, at one time, all favorites of Charles II, the land grants were repayment for loyalty to the Crown or to Charles II personallyWhat was the first representative assembly in the Americas?the Virginia House of BurgessesWhat issues did the founders of Georgia attempt to address? [choose all that apply]the issue of debt and debtor's prison conditions, urban povertyThe Roanoke Colony was meant to be a location for what?privateeringWhy was Roger Williams banished from Massachusetts Bay?because of his opinions regarding the separation of church and stateThe Rhode Island charter signed by Charles II guaranteed freedom of religious practice to all except _________________.CatholicsWho was the first governor of the Plymouth Colony?John CarverThe goal of the Puritans was to ____________________________.rid the Church of England from the influences of the Roman Catholic ChurchRenaissance philosophy emphasized _________________.Human improvementWhich of the following is NOT true about Europe before 1492?Scholars understood what and where the land across the Atlantic was.Slaves in colonial South Carolina primarily worked on the ___________ System.TaskWhat archaeological site provides some of the oldest evidence of human settlement in North America?Cactus HillWho was the driving force behind Maryland's founding?Sir George CalvertAlfred Crosby's book, The Columbian Exchange: Biological and Cultural Consequences of 1492, explained that the most important results of Columbus' discovery of America were ___________________________.biologicalWhich treaty settled the territorial dispute between Spain and Portugal?The Treaty of Tordesilles