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1. Experiencing sudden pain is to _______ as recognizing that you are suffering a heart attack is to ________.

Sensation; perception.

The impact of boredom and fatigue on people's absolute thresholds is highlighted by

Signal detection theory

3. If a visual image is first presented subliminally, the chance of a person later recognizing the same briefly presented image is improved. This best illustrates:

That information can be processed outside from conscious awareness.

If you move your watchband up your wrist an inch or so, you will feel it for only a few moments. This best illustrates:

Sensory adaption

5. Visible lights have ________ wavelengths than radio waves and _______ wavelengths than X-rays.

Shorter; longer.

6. The central focal point in the retina where cones are heavily concentrated is known as the:


Visual information is processed by ganglion cells ________ it is processed by rods and cones and ________ it is processed by bipolar cells

After; after

8. Some stroke victims lose the capacity to perceive motion but retain the capacity to perceive shapes and colors. Others lose the capacity to perceive colors but retain the capacity to perceive movement and form. These peculiar visual disabilities best illustrate our normal capacity for:

Parallel processing.

The opponent-process theory is most useful for explaining one of the characteristics of


10. Damage to the basilar membrane is most likely to affect one's:


Digital hearing aids produce ________ sound by restricting the range of sound _______.

Compressed; amplitudes.

12. The volley principle is most relevant to understanding how we sense:


13. Infant rats deprived of their mothers' grooming touch produce ________ growth hormone and have a ________ metabolic rate.

Less; lower.

The absolute threshold for taste sensations is relatively _______ among people who smoke and relatively ________ among people who abuse alcohol.

High; high.

15. Receptor cells for the vestibular sense send messages to the:


1. Interpreting new sensory information within the framework of a past memory illustrates:

Top-down processing.

Damage to a region of the temporal lobe essential to recognizing faces results in a condition known as:


Most notable for it's short term affect on thinking:

Subliminal messages.

4. The size of the difference threshold is greater for heavier objects than for lighter ones. This best illustrates:

Weber's Law

The ring of muscle tissue that controls the pupil's size is called the


most clearly takes place in the rods and cones

Sensory transduction

7. The phenomenon of blindsight best illustrates that visual information can be processed without:

Conscious awareness.

8. Even with sunglasses on, grass appears equally as green as it does without glasses. This best illustrates:

Color constancy

9. The number of complete sound waves that strike one's eardrum in a given second determines the _______ of the sound.


10. The hammer, anvil, and stirrup are three tiny bones that transmit vibrations to the:

Oval window

Herman von Helmholtz developed both a(n) ________ theory of color discrimination and a ________ theory of pitch discrimination.

Trichromatic; place

12. Elderly people typically have an especially _______ absolute threshold for _______ pitched sounds.

High; high

Tinnitus is a phantom ______ sensation


A drink's strawberry odor enhances our perception of its sweetness. This best illustrates

Sensory interaction

The sensory experience of bending one's knees or raising one's arms exemplifies:


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