The term "vegetative organism " refers to

A. The destruction of all microorganisms
B. A resistant form of bacteria
C. Growing microorganisms
D. The introduction of disease-causing microorganisms
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What are the primary reasons for recording eye movement during a sleep study?

1. To capture slow rolling eye movement at the beginning of sleep
2. To determine when the patient is asleep
3. To see plastic burst of rapid eye movement
4. To capture E1-M2 to M2 to reference

A. 1,2
C. 2,4
D. 3,4
A physician refers a patient for PSG due to a sleep related breathing disorder . Which is the most appropriate way to evaluate the patient? A. Full night PSG B. Split night PSG C. MSLT D. MWTA. Full night PSGA patient has been diagnosed with circadian rhythm disorder. What therapy should the tech recommended? A. Bright light therapy in the evening B. CPAP therapy C. Low dose hypnotic (restoril) D. UvulpalatoplasatyA. Bright light therapy in the eveningsWhich of the following may result in a I improperly fitted CPAP mask? A. Conjunctivitis B. Nasal congestion C. Sore throat D. Cold soresA. ConjunctivitisFrom sleep onset to the first epoch of REM is known as A. Sleep latency B. REM latency C. Mean rem latency D. Mean sleep latencyB. REM latencyAccording to AASM guidelines, which of the following is recommended for calculating respiratory events during home sleep apnea testing? A.# Apneas + # Hypopneas X 60/ TST in minutes B. # respiratory events x60 /TST in minutes C. # respiratory events + apneas x 60 / TST in min D. # all events + apnea+ hypopnea x 60 / TST in minB. # respiratory events x 60 / TST in minA patient with emphysema is undergoing PSG. eEG hookup and attachment of the pulse ox probe have been completed.the initial pulse ox saturation reading is 80% . After 7 minutes the display sat is 82% the tech should: A. Start the patient on 1 liter of O2 and recheck pulse ox in 10 minutes B. Continue to monitor the pulse ox for additional 10 minutes allowing patient to rest C. Let the patient rest 20 min and check pulse ox D. Continue with equipment and proceed with light outA. Start the patient on 1 liter of O2 and recheck in 10 minAn attending physician has ordered a 12-lead ECG for a patient prior to an overnight PSG.the tech notes the ECG has placed 10 electrodes on the patient. The sleep tech A. Do nothing this is correct procedure B. Ask ECG to place 2 additional electrodes C. Contact physician D. Ask ECG tech to remove 2 electrodesA. Do nothing this is correct procedure