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1. containing extensions of protozoan membrane pseudopodia
A group of cells that live together in close association
Which organism may cause red tides?
Which organelle in protist is able to eliminate excess water?
contractile vacuole
Producers in aquatic food chains include?
Protist are classified based on a
Euglena are unique algae because of their
Heterotrophic nature
Which is not protist
The algae that can survive in the deepest water is
red algae
The largest and most complex of brown algae are
the kelp
are protected by armored plates?
Unlike bacteria all protist are
What type of structure does the protist shown to the right move
Give three examples of organella that help Protista maintain
Mitochondria,( stores energy)
movement structure( get away from predators and finds food)
cell wall ( barrier)
At what Time were the highest concentrations of diatoms at the
at what time were the highest concentration of diatoms about a meter
below the surface?
what is red tide-
when flagellate over reproduce causes fish death
irritation to the lungs and skin irritation
Which group of protist has the ability to go from autotroph to heterotroph
#18 structure and what it does
i am cofused on this one
What is a diatom? What useful commercial products are made from them?
Plant like protist that are autotroph and unicellular. Toothpaste cleaners glass
What is the advantage for algae to undergo sexual reproduction during times of environmental
To over produce in the hopes that at least some will survive
How are the six phyla of algae classified?
Phylum: euglenaphyta euglena
Phylum: bacillariophyta diatoms
Phylum: dinoflagellate dinoflagellate
Phylum: rhodephyta red tide
Phylum: phaeophyta brown Algae
Phylum: chlorophyta green algae
How does a ciliate, such as a paramecium, capture and digest food?
Use cilia to sweep food into their mouth
How do protists impact our lives? What would happen if they were wiped off the face of the planet?
Animal like - food
Plant like - food oxygen
fungus like- food decomposers
we wouldnt have food
Name one protozoan adaptation and explain what it is and/or how it is used
Cilia/flagella/psedapodia cell membrane. Cell wall. Eye spot. Nucleus
Name the THREE types of locomotion a protozoan can have. Describe all three types.
Flagella like a whip.
Ciliates like little hairs
pseudopods like propellers
Are algae protists? What makes algae different from protozoa?
Yes algae is a plant
protozoan is a animal
Are seaweeds plants? Explain
No it is plant like. It is a algae
What are heterotrophs? Give an example.
Anything that could makes its own food. Plants
Name three environments in which protists can be found.
Moist places ; your mouth, stomach, lake Okeechobbe
An organism has cilia or flagella. What are these organelles used for? Draw a picture of an organism(real or not) that has cilia or flagella.
To move
why are protozoans considered some of the oldest existing lifeforms?
Because they contain all the basic tasks of life.
. The mosquito is a vector for malaria. What is a vector
An organism that transmits a disease or parasite from one animal or plant to another.
the common name given to all animallike protists is
The common name given to all plantlike protists is ____________________.
Put the 19.3 funguslike protist notes in your notes section with your protozoan chart* ☺??
Chapter 19.3 Notes

I. Fungus-Like Protists
A. Decomposers of organic material (fungus characteristic)
B. Have animal-like characteristics and fungus-like characteristics
1. Animal-like because they can move during their life
2. Fungus-like because they decompose
C. Types
1. Slime molds (2 phyla - you don't have to know these names)
a. live in cool, moist, shady places
b. animal-like during much of their life cycle - they look similar to amoebas
c. reproduced by make spores (another fungus characteristic)
2. Water molds and downy mildews
a. live in water or moist places
b. most appear fuzzy
c. can cause serious diseases in plants - cause major potato famine in Ireland that resulted in a mass immigration to America
what is a protist (give 3characteristics)
diverse group of eukaryotic organisms
unicellar microorganism
autotroph or heteretroph
three examples of protists
slie mold
true or false all protist have at least one nucleus
true or false all protists live in moist environments
define symbiosis
partnership between to orgamisms living together
true or false there are examples of protists that are autotrophs and there are examples that are heterotrophs
what are the three main divisions of protist
plant like
animal like
fungus like
what are two examples of colors that can be displayed in algae
how do flagellates move
true or false some protist are parasites
how do amoeba move
name 3 problems /diseases caused by protists
red tide
sleeping sickness
with what structures do euglena see light
eye spot
name 1 problem caused by a fungus like protist
mold that attackes food crops
give 1 example of a fungus like protist
slime mold
which main division does protozoans belong
fungus like
which main division does seaweed and phytoplankton belong
plant like
which are more complex and why
protist? finish answer
are protist eukaryotic or prokaryotic
what domain do protists belong