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  1. Indian name for social classes
  2. Tried to improve basic living conditions in India
  3. The Vedas were
  4. The southwest _________________________ provides much of the rain in India.
  5. In Indo-Aryan society, Brahmins were
  1. a varnas
  2. b Indo-Aryans' works of religious literature.
  3. c monsoon
  4. d Asoka
  5. e special priests

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  1. citadel
  2. Sanskrit
  3. monsoons
  4. Himalayas
  5. social classes

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  1. The Indo-Aryan states were ruled by a military leader, lawmaker, and judge known as therajas


  2. Siddhartha GautamaBuddha


  3. Indo-Aryan gods were based onnature.


  4. There is some evidence that the Indus River valley people may have disappeared because offloods, earthquakes, invading forces


  5. Indo-Aryan states were ruled bynature.


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