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  1. Rough terrain in southern India prevented
  2. System of social organization
  3. Indo-Aryan states were ruled by
  4. Southern Indian cultures were ________________ Indo-Aryan culture.
  5. There is some evidence that the Indus River valley people may have disappeared because of
  1. a geographically isolated from
  2. b rajas
  3. c floods, earthquakes, invading forces
  4. d the unification of its peoples
  5. e caste system

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  1. Himalayas
  2. maya
  3. Sanskrit
  4. Sanskrit
  5. monsoons

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  1. Mohenjo DaroIndo-Aryans' works of religious literature.


  2. The Indus River valley is protected by theSanskrit


  3. fortress built on a brick platformcitadel


  4. The Vedas wereIndo-Aryans' works of religious literature.


  5. The religion that many people converted to during Asoka's reignBuddhism