Livestock Entomology Exam I Review

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___________________ is the science dealing with insects and related arthropods that parasitize or otherwise affect domestic animals, especially livestock raised in food production systems.Livestock Entomology__________ is the insect reproduction where an egg(s) is produced, fertilized, then oviposited outside the femaleOviparity_________ is the insect reproduction where eggs begin to develop, but lack enough yolk for complete development and often lack a chorion - embryos retained inside mother, receive nourishment after development has begunViviparityMost insecticides like organophosphates, are targeting which insect system?Nervous systemWeather, climate, and temperature are all _______ factors.AbioticWhat are considered the equivalent of kidneys in insects?Malpighian tubulesWho discovered that ticks were involved in transmitting the pathogen that causes Texas Cattle Fever?Theobald Smith and FL KilborneWhat three ways do insects find mates?Olfactory, auditory, visualWhich of the following is an important hormone for insect growth?Juvenile hormoneWhat describes the functional position of an organism in its environment?Ecological nicheWhich of the following is not a characteristic of arthropods?An endoskeletonWhen the blood meal is digested simultaneously, it is called:Batch DigestionConsidering the historical perspective of livestock entomology what are the two major arthropod pests:Screwworm and Cattle Fever tickAll insects have:3 pairs of legs as an adultWithin the midgut what is the main site of digestion and absorption?VentriculusA parasitoid wasp is able to attack a large portion of the insect pests when the pest density is low but may be overwhelmed by high populations. This is an example of:Density-dependent factorMaxadila is used as a vasodilator for humans.TrueThe trachea are shed with the old cuticle in the molting process.TrueNeurotransmitters are chemical compounds that aide in the transmission of impulses from the axon to the dendriteTrueVoltinism refers to the number of eggs laid at one time.FalseThe peritrophic membrane is present in all blood sucking arthropods before a blood mealFalseArthropod pests do not enter diapause.FalseTympanic membrane are insect feetFalseChemoreceptors can be either olfactory or contactTrueInsects have a closed circulatory system.FalseMatch each term to its correct description:Lice: Phthiraptera Fleas: Siphonaptera Kissing Bugs: Hemiptera Vessel Feeders: Solenophagy Flies: Diptera Pool Feeders: Telmophagy Beetles: ColeopteraName the 3 parts of the digestion system, common name and scientific nameForegut/Stomodeum Midgut/Mesenteron Hindgut/ProctodeumWhen an insect breathes, the air enters through a ______, travels in the ______, and is dispersed by _______ into the tissuesSpiracle, trachea, tracheolesWhich type of relation is the sparrow to grasshopper?Predator/PreyMatch the correct term to its descriptionCantharidin: Blister causing oil found in many families of beetles Allantoin: Secreted my maggots and used to heal deep wounds Drosophila melanogaster: Genetic model species Cochliomyia hominivorax: Sterile male project species Boophilus annulatus: Texas cattle fever species