14 terms

FRC Safety Terms

Mind's Eye
thought process to ensure you've thought through the task you're about to do
5s principles
Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, Sustain - improve efficiency of workflow
Safety Data Sheets - provide information about
a material in case of an emergency
Personal Protective Equipment - equipment worn to minimize exposure to workplace injury
Occupational Safety and Heath Administration - US federal agency in charge of setting and enforcing safety and health standards
Power zone
Between hips and chest - where arms and back can lift the most weight with the least effort
Robot Escort
Clears the path while the robot is being transported
Class A Extinguisher
For wood and paper fires
Class B Extinguisher
For flammable liquid and gas fires
Class C Extinguisher
For electrical fires
Class D Extinguisher
For metal fires
Class K Extinguisher
For kitchen fires
Lock Out Tag Out - Prevents the machine from being energized while still under maintenance
Daisy Chain
UNSAFE - connecting multiple extension cords together. WE DO NOT USE THIS.