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  1. thermal
  2. chemical
  3. wh (weight in newtons) x (height in meters)
  4. partially elastic collision
  5. potential
  1. a Energy stored in chemical bonds.
  2. b What is the formula for gravitational potential energy GPE = ? and what do the variables mean?
  3. c Energy of position.
  4. d The sum of the kinetic energies of all the particles in an object.
  5. e One or both objects in a collision deform, some of the kinetic energy is converted to heat.

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  1. Energy produced in a system or material affected by an elastic force.
  2. Colliding objects stick together after a collision.
  3. Nuclear energy production by the combination of two atom's nuclei.
  4. Energy produced by the excess, lack, or movement of electrons.
  5. Gain of thermal energy.

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  1. acousticEnergy produced through a magnetic field.


  2. nuclearThe movement of thermal energy into or out of a system.


  3. mechanicalEnergy stored in chemical bonds.


  4. First Law of ThermodynamicsThe total amount of energy entering a process equals the sum of all the forms of energy that exist at the end of the process.


  5. efficiencyThe ability to do work.


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